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The Warrior Diet Weight loss review

Our intrepid reporter shares her review and weight loss success story!

Our guest author Nini has a fast weight loss success story to share with you, and it’s wonderful!  When she first contacted me, saying that a diet had worked for her, my first instinct was to think, “A diet???  Of course every diet works for the first few weeks, but how many of them actually have any long-term value?” 

However, I also knew that this fine young lady is familiar with my writings and my philosophies on diets and weight loss. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, and I’m so glad I did!  It turns out that this “Warrior Diet”, which I had never heard of, uses virtually the same methods that I recommend to achieve sane, doable, and in many ways enjoyable weight loss—without really “dieting”.  Reading about Nini’s experience has been a great boost to my own morale and motivation.  I hope it does the same for you.

Now, let’s let Nini take it away:


My Experience on the Warrior Diet

I am one of those girls: I’ve tried every diet/lifestyle. Cabbage soup, master cleanse, no carb, low carb, Atkins, high carb vegan, all fruit-diet, and more. I am the Queen of diets. Thankfully, however, in the last year, I’ve been more about lifestyle change than about temporary weight loss solutions.

Finally, I found something that worked! Out of everything I’ve tried, The Warrior Diet has been my favorite. It just was so easy…. It just felt like a natural pattern for my body.

What exactly is the Warrior Diet? I read the entire 550-page book, and I think it can be summed up in just a few lines:

In each day, there is an “under eating” phase and an “over eating” phase.  Each morning, from the time you wake up and until evening, you are in the “under eating” phase. You would only have a healthy ‘snack’, a cup of fruit or veggie juices, some whey protein if you so desire, or a handful of nuts, and you would do so only once or twice in this period.  Basically, you are eating light, clean snacks, but still not much.

Consuming any bread during the day, or sugar, is highly discouraged because it spikes your insulin and causes you to store fat.  If you have carbs before you go to bed, its not so bad.  But keep it clean in the day. And don’t starve completely during the day: going more than 14 hours without food is discouraged. This extended fasting is not advised at all.

In the evening, you commence your “over eating” phase by eating one big, full meal.  The key is, you’re extremely ready for this meal at the end of the day.  Properly hungry.

The order in which you eat your dinner should be veggies first, protein, then carbs.  When you start your dinner, pay attention to your thirst.  When you’re more thirsty than hungry, stop eating and drink water.  Take the next two or three hours to settle for bed. This final meal is meant to bring you feelings or relaxation and pleasure, aiding in a baby-like sleep.

The book also encourages working out, some aerobics and a lot of heavy lifting, and details supplements you can use. But the author claims you can still reach your goal weight without exercising [Sounds familiar! Wink, Wink – AMD]

My results

That last bit was one of the reasons I attempted this program.  When I began, I was studying many hours in school, and I was too busy with responsibilities to be able to work out.  So, I tried it.

In only four days, I saw a major difference!  When my boyfriend and I went shopping, he looked at me and said:

You look like you lost a couple of jean sizes.

On top of that, I felt great; I was sleeping well, I was energetic and peaceful-minded.

I kept the diet up for another three weeks, I lost about 8 pounds of fat. I slid into my jeans every few days and saw that my fat had waned and the muscle underneath was starting to show extremely well.  I looked toned.  I felt Beautiful.  I didn’t even know I had these pretty muscles!

I am 5’4” and 21 years old.  I started at about 132 pounds.  Three and a half weeks later, I weighed around 124 pounds, and I was extremely satisfied with my body… for once.

Success selfie!

Notes (Pros and Cons)

So here’s what I found were some of the pros and cons.

Con: Family and friends will be irritated when you are not lunching with them….

Pro: But they’ll love you for eating dinner with them.  My boyfriend was saddened when he was eating a delicious but salty and high fat lunch but I was sipping on juice or having steamed veggies.  But, I ate well at night, and enjoyed pretty much whatever I wanted with him, although I didn’t desire to eat ridiculous amounts of foods like he does.

Pro: Another pro was the ease with which the dietary adjustments came.  If I can keep it up, this will be my preferred way of life.  My family’s traditions involve eating a big meal at night.  It is simply a natural human instinct to eat at night.  This diet lets you do that.

Pro: The reason why this diet is so easy is because usually, we’re busy during the day, with work and school, so we’re not thinking quite so much about food (for example, I do homework on my lunch). Then, at night, we head home to relax, and we immediately think of yummy, delicious food.  For me, any rumbling in my tummy during the day was easily soothed by drinking some water.  If I didn’t snack by four o’clock or so, I would eat a full meal.  This isn’t exactly how the diet is supposed to work; it recommends that I snack instead and have my big meal after seven, but this still worked for me.

Con: Exercising during the day, however, was somewhat hard on this diet.  Because I was eating so little, I had little energy for muscle expenditure. But then again, I made a major diet mistake: I wasn’t fueling in the day like the book said to.  I personally wasn’t really hungry during the day.  Still, it took a couple of weeks before I found myself able to exercise. In order to do so, I’d have to eat a lot the night before. Maybe my body wasn’t used to the diet yet.

Pro: My mental energy and focus was incredible though.  I find heavy meals in the day make me sluggish.  I get so much more work done when I’m keeping it light during the day.  It surprised me so much at first that I couldn’t stop talking about it to my sister, my boyfriend, just in amazement.  I found myself finishing five assignments in the span of a few hours versus the entire day it usually took me.

Pro: Digestion. My tummy easily digested my nightly meal because it got a break from digesting anything too complex during the day. So that felt great.

Con: Finally, the biggest con is the one shared by every diet: you have to sleep well.  The only reason I haven’t kept up with the Warrior diet is because I don’t get enough time to sleep, so I have to eat more carbs for fuel during the day.  If I could change any habit, I would sleep more: then, not eating carbs during the day would be easy.

But I’m working on it, and I’ll get there!  🙂 However, my goal is to try to eat protein-fueled snacks in the day when I’m starving and then have my salad and pizza and whatever my family is having at night.  So I hope to go back on this diet, this lifestyle, soon.


You do NOT need to exercise to see results on this diet, but you’ll see your muscles incredibly better than you’re used to if you do. This diet definitely leans you out.

Another warning: you WILL crave carbs like crazy if you go a long period of time without eating.  So don’t let yourself reach for sugary or breaded snacks [Pro Tip: if you take the time to prepare a couple of small, healthful snacks to bring with you each day, your life will be so much easier in these moments of temptation.  I recommend such snacks as a boiled egg, a small piece of fruit, or a 100-calorie pack of nuts – AMD]

The author of The Warrior Diet says you can EAT as much as you want at night until you’re thirsty.  This amount will be different for everyone.  Some people will be full on a 600-calorie meal, some will want 1200.  Everyone’s body is different; just try to stay in tune with yours.  This diet is something that WORKS with your natural body’s rhythm.


I would definitely advise considering The Warrior Diet.  But first, do your own research.  Check out the book on Amazon; it goes into much more depth than this little review can.  It motivated me to try the Warrior Diet even more.  I read it in just a couple days because it was so interesting.  It’s really well written.  Give it a try.  Just make sure to snack.  Yes, SNACK lightly, and drink plenty of water.

Good luck, and please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, or contact me at my website.


Well done, Nini, and thank you for sharing this with us!  I think I speak for all when I say I’m really looking forward to hearing more about your future successes! :-)

For anyone interested in checking out The Warrior Diet, just click here to check it out on Amazon:

And, of course (shameless self-plug alert!), any one who is interested in reading a highly motivational (so I’m told) story of one person’s journey from super-sized to skinny, using basically the same methods that worked for Nini, take a peek as well at my book, after which this website is named, by clicking the image at the bottom of the page.


Do YOU have a success story you’d like to share?  It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering news; as you’ve seen, even a few pounds in the space of a month can make for a very inspiring read.  If there’s anything you have learned about weight loss success, please consider sharing it with the rest of us, either in the comments below, or by writing a guest post for TRYIS.

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