The Best Weight Loss Motivation Ever?

  • Your success is so inspiring! How did you lose weight?
  • Food: how much should I eat and how often should I eat?
  • How should exercise fit into my weight loss plan?
  • How do I stay motivated to lose weight?
  • How do I deal with failure?

After months of answering individually, I finally realized I could group all of my answers into one post. A FAQ of (Frequently Asked Questions). I didn’t know where to start, so I just started with my own weight loss story plus a handful of things I learned along the way. It was all very casual, and totally stream-of-consciousness. I banged it out in one sitting.

Next thing you know, my mailbox lit up with positive heart-felt responses.  These responses never relented.

For some reason I can’t explain, people found the FAQ  … well … maybe you should read for yourself. Below is what just a handful of readers had to say within the space of only a year (please note: if you skip some comments, be sure you don’t skip the ending):

I cried when I read your FAQ. Because the person you were before is the person I am now, and reading your page made me feel like I don’t have to be like this forever. In the 15 minutes that I took to read it, I feel like my life changed… like you said, it’s not going to be easy, but now, I’m going to try, and I mean, really try this time, to change myself to be healthier and thinner. Thank you so much. Thank you. XOXO

Wow. I’m in awe! I read your FAQ and I’m moved and inspired by what you wrote. You’ve absolutely made me feel like I can do this. Thank you. Really. Thank you so much. You have changed my life.

Oh. Wow. I explored your blog and let me just say that I was completely floored by what I’ve been missing out on. I went through your FAQ and your running tips and I feel like printing everything out and stapling pieces all over my apartment.

I saved your FAQ on my computer as “read this when you feel like giving up”

I must have read your FAQ a million times and I’m really thinking of printing it out so I can just have it with me all the time. You’re so inspiring!

I LOOOOOVE your FAQ! SOOOO inspiring! Thank you for reminding me why I’m doing this. If you don’t mind, I will print your FAQ page and keep it in my diary. That way I will always have my inspiration with me in weak moments. Thank you sooooo much!!! XXX

I would like to let you know what an inspiration you’ve been for me. I’m completely serious when I say that you have changed my outlook on life. I just spent the past 40 minutes reading your FAQ and I am so motivated its crazy. I will get to my goal weight, and you have helped me see that it is possible.


You are a HUGE inspiration, every time I feel like I’m going downhill I’m just going to read your FAQ page again :) Thanks so much

Your FAQ— just, THANK YOU THANK YOU and THANK YOU. I swear, I will read it over and over again until I am firmly back on track. That was exactly what I needed to hear. You’re incredible and inspirational.

You are such an inspiration. At the moment, I was very passive about losing weight, you know, eating kinda healthy, walking just a little more, but your FAQ page just started this fire in my heart, like, I am ready to fully commit to this and don’t give up. You are amazing, I just wanted to let you know :)!!

Thank you so much for posting your FAQ. I have been trying so hard to just be MOTIVATED but it’s so much easier said than done. This may sound really ridiculous, but I’m going to print it off and carry it with me in my purse just as a reminder. Thank you so much again. you have inspired me.


Okay. Wow. I just read your FAQ. <3 I think you’re amazing and you’ve found the balance. You’re my new inspiration. No starving, just changing the way I feel/use hunger and food.

Hey, I kept seeing people raving about your FAQ so I thought I’d read it too. They were right. I can’t tell you how inspirational I found it. Everything you said … you’re so right. When I came to the “keep running this race” part, I actually got a little tearful. Whenever I feel like a binge, I’ll read your FAQ instead.

I made it through Thanksgiving and actually LOST .2 lbs when I did my morning weigh in!!! Thanks to you! When I wanted to eat stuffing and twice-baked potatoes instead of turkey breast and corn only I went to your FAQ and reminded myself why not to! I’m 5’7” 134.0 lbs, down from 155lbs, and I wanna cry because without your REAL take on the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life in your FAQ I would have gained just like last year and would have binged all those times I messed up and gained! Thank you thank you thank you! Not sure why I feel like crying or hugging you, a complete stranger, but I think it’s cause NOONE knows what it’s like unless they live it! So thank you for saving my Thanksgiving!

Oh my god. I saw someone’s comment about your FAQ, and I decided to check it out. It is absolutely, wow I can’t even think of a word to properly fulfill what I think of it. I’m so inspired right now, possibly the best weightloss blog I’ve seen! Thank you so so much for having this.

This isn’t a question, but I read your FAQ & I don’t know why but it brought tears to my eyes. that’s how inspiring it was to me & I have a totally new outlook on losing weight. Thank you so much. :]

I just read your entire FAQ and it was so brilliant, inspirational and informative. You are so intelligent, and your progress is incredible! Thank you so much for your fantastic blog.

I just read your FAQ and it made me EXCITED to go running this weekend. You should give pep talks for a living or something.

I can’t even express to you on how much your FAQ has motivated and inspired me. You’re a beautiful person and your weight-loss journey is absolutely amazing (: Thank you <3

Wow I just really read through your story and it really just made something click in my mind. I keep stopping myself from getting anywhere because I let my failures and binges get in my way. I never let myself keep running the race and I just keep getting more and more frustrated with the way I eat. I had sorta skimmed through that section before but tonight it just made everything look a lot clearer to me. Tomorrow begins my life change once and for all. So thank you, you’re really an inspiration to me.

your blog is really amazing. you’re amazing! I find it so helpful, and it’s actually made me want to go for a run right now. reading your FAQ page I was almost in tears. happy and sad tears. I don’t really know what to say but thank you. a lot <3

I just spent about an hour on your blog, I read your entire FAQ and felt like you were talking TO ME. You’re an impressive writer as well as an inspiration to me. Thank you thank you thank you<3

just wanted to say that I love, love, love your FAQ and running sections, as somebody who hates to run with a passion but has always wanted to get into it, reading about your struggle (and success!) was very motivational. to the gym!

Wow. I just read your FAQ and it was some of the most inspiring, liberating words I have ever read. It’s spurred me even more to keep working hard towards my goal. Thank you so much, you are an amazing person! <3

Can I just say your FAQ is freaking amazing. I was on the verge of tears…you are one inspiring person.

A while back you inspired me to start running again. Well I did- for a few days :/ I had a period of feeling blah and terrible about myself and I gave up running, ate crap etc, but I’m starting over. I have your FAQ page as the homepage on my computer and whenever I feel the temptation to eat bad food I read it!
It’s only been 3 days, but I feel like this time is THE time that I’m going to lose weight. Thank you for your amazing blog!

I just read your FAQ and I have never been so happy to follow a blog in my life than I am now. It was so inspirational and honest! I could relate to everything you said. I myself used to be thin. I was one of the most athletic people in my high school. I swam year round, played soccer and field hockey. Then I came to college and everything went downhill. Me and my boyfriend broke up. I knew no one. I was no longer active in sports. I just became fat. I have kept trying and trying to lose weight but I would always fail…………………………………….… Yesterday I decided that I can’t live like this anymore. I want to be happy. I want to be thin. I will have this. After reading your FAQ I know I can do this. I know I can reach my ultimate weight. It will be hard but I know my desire for this is greater than it ever has been before. Thank you so much for your help! Your determination and success had motivated me to make a change to my life forever so I can be the person I want to be not only today, but forever! THANK YOU!

I just read your FAQ and started crying. I needed this blog to come into my life, its perfect and you’re so right my life needs a turnaround and I need to be happy and okay with the way I look. I’m just so glad I dont have to starve anymore. Thankyouthankyouthankyou <3

You are such an inspiration and it was ur FAQ that really got me started because I have tried before and failed. I have already lost like 2 pounds :) yay!!

I’ve just spent the last 20 minutes reading through your entire FAQ, and I just want to thank you for going into so much detail about everything. For someone who WAS currently feeling like nothing was possible half an hour ago, it’s enlightened me and taught me things I didn’t even know so thank you<3 It’s given me a huge boost of motivation knowing that it is possible! Onwards & upwards from now on 🙂 xx

Hello. 🙂 I started today dieting again. I was almost there, but I got fat again. But, when I finally had the courage to face the crap I did, I looked up your blog and you, you are a true inspiration. And you were the one who gave me the strength to fight again for my happiness. I read your FAQ again n again n again and somehow, it made me strong. So, I just gotta thank you for everything. For the strength you give me, for the inspiration, for making me believe that I can do it.

Oh my gosh, I came across your page and I read your entire FAQ section. I was seriously tearing up from the way you worded things. Everything was written in a motivational way, and you’re so healthy and fagkuewfodjir! It’s all so wonderful

Oh my gosh, I just read the whole of your FAQ. I don’t think I’ve ever been so inspired to do something about my weight. I also dislike running, but I’m actually willing to give it a go now! Thank you! <3

When I found your blog, and read your FAQ, I decided to start this journey. I was like “Maybe I can…she believes I can” and I’m so so glad I decided to believe you. So far, I’ve lost two sizes, and I’ve got another two left to lose. Thank you for making me realize that everyone can lose weight, and for not giving in.

I know EVERYYYBODDDYYYY says it, but your FAQ, omfg <3 amazing. I actually got kinda excited reading haha like it was just such realization that this time will be the last time and it’s such an overwhelming thought I can barely contain my emotions…

Hey there! I wanted to mention how much I love your blog, and your realistic approach to weight loss. The info in your FAQ about how to “keep on running that race,” is EXACTLY what I needed to hear!

I took the time to read all the way through your blog and your FAQs and everything that you have posted, and honestly, I have never felt more inspired or more ready to take on this gigantic task. Your success is such an awesome, heartening fact, and I just really want to thank you for putting yourself out there for all of us, who are a little behind you in the race, to take your hard work and use it :) You are beautiful and inspirational and I thank you.

You are such a beautiful person <3 Your FAQ is so inspiring and genuine. Just the inspiration I needed to get back on track!

You are so inspiring. I just read all your FAQ. I am ready to change my life for good.

Reading this blog and your FAQ is so inspirational! I’ve been fighting with my weight for the longest time, and seriously just reading this was like a weight off my chest.

I think your FAQ just changed my life. Thank you <3

I’d just like to say that I think you and your blog are completely amazing. I’ve been trying to lose weight and although I lost 20lbs, I’ve completely gone off track now and I know how hard it is. Your motivation is incredible. I’m going to hit up your FAQ right now to get me inspired, it did the trick before and it will again. You’re living proof that we CAN all do it, thank you for that. xx

I just wanted to tell you I read your entire FAQ page. This was an amazing thing for me to find, finally a blog that will give me inspiration and HELP me want to get toned, thin and fit. It helped me really realize what I’ve been doing wrong and what I need to do. I’m getting off my computer as we speak to go for a run, so thanks for that! And thanks for all of this.

Hi. I know you must hear this LITERALLY all the time, but your blog is amazing, you are amazing, and I needed to tell you and thank you. I don’t know how long I’ve been following you, but however long it’s been, I can’t believe it’s taken me until now to read your FAQ page; I’ve never been so inspired and I really can’t put into words how much reading your story has helped me find the motivation to pick myself up all over again for the fifty-millionth time. It’s always so nice to read posts from others doing it the healthy way and keeping a positive perspective when there are so many of us giving up and letting it beat us. So thanks. Expect to hear from me when I come back in a few months telling you I’ve lost the 30lb I need to lose and that it was all thanks to reading your story all those weeks ago

I just read your FAQ and almost started crying. Thank you, thank you so so so much for re-motivating me to lose weight again. I can’t thank you enough. In one year, hopefully I can be the kind of inspiration you are to other people.

Hey! I’m also a motivational weight loss blogger. But from one enabler to another: your FAQ is amazing, and I think it’s going to help so many people—including myself. Tonight when I’m stressed over my work and thinking of binging, I’m reading through your FAQ to remind me why I’m here

I just got done reading your FAQ section and am absolutely inspired! I’ve bookmarked it and plan to read it every time I feel low! Thank you

You are freaking awesome. You FAQ page was exactly what I needed. I actually haven’t read through the whole thing yet. Just reading the first 2 paragraphs motivated me enough to keep on going. Thank you for being awesome.

Your FAQ was absolutely amazing. I am so inspired by you and I hope I can accomplish what you have. I know it’s going to be hard work but seeing that you were able to do it successfully makes me even more motivated. Thank you so much for writing that

Firstly, I wanted to thank you for your amazing FAQ. It was put in my ask box by a follower of mine when I was constantly falling off my diet and exercise bandwagon and drastically changed the course of my weightloss! I often refer to it in my low points, and you are REALLY an inspiration. So Thank you. For YOU!

Your FAQ has finally got me to get off my booty and realize that one day, one of those skinny girls is going to be me!

Your FAQ section is one of the most real, inspiring and HONEST things regarding weight loss that I’ve ever read.

Hey lovely 🙂  I just found your blog and it inspired me so much! I started my new healthier way of life last year but I’ve had a good 2-3 months blip and reading your FAQ put me right back on track 🙂 I remembered why I started in the first place!

So I just read ALL of your FAQ and I am amazed! You inspired me to get out there and stop whining about something that I can fix. I weigh 170 right now, and it’s the biggest I’ve been, and I just HATE exercise, but I starting tomorrow I am going to get up with a positive attitude, eat HEALTHY and GO RUN! Thank you so much for all the help and advice from personal experience! You are amazing!

I literally cannot tell you how much I love you. That FAQ is absolutely amazing and beyond inspiring. My tummy’s grumbling now and I’m just saying to it “HAHA SHUTUP FATTY!”. You’ve made it obvious to me that it can happen. That I don’t have to be born with that willpower and strength. Thank you so so so so so much for making an effort for us all, as it has no benefit to you <3 you’re the best

First off, I want to say that you were my total inspiration to start this journey! I had seen your blog and had my notion where, you know, I’m alright, these people are doing this wrong, idea but then it stayed lurking in the back of my mind and finally a couple weeks later I went back to your blog and read your entire FAQ multiple times and I knew this was itThis was what I had to do. No one had ever phrased it in a way where I could understand and possibly be capable of doing what you’re doing! You gave me a hope that I’d never found nor been intrigued to pursue my entire life. I’m on this journey now and I have you to thank, so thank you for all you do. I’m nothing of a runner, never have been, but really trying (struggling) to work on it and I’m even possibly looking at a half marathon in the future just because of your beautiful story!

Hey you, big fan of your work. I’ve read your FAQ and even have it bookmarked for the bad days.

You have been my inspiration from the start, and whenever I’m about to eat something horrible, I always think about how you did and your FAQ and then it stop me. You’re seriously my biggest inspiration. You got me started on this path, and even though I’ve only lost about 20 pounds so far, I’m still so proud of myself, and I know I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you so much for your FAQ. It really inspired me to get off my ass and do something about my weight.

Just want to say Thank You, you have been a superduper huge inspiration in my life and I’m sure in others too, I can’t even remember how I stumbled on to your page, but I’m glad I did. Congratulations on how far you’ve gotten. I seriously love you and your FAQ page, it got me motivated to start working on myself ;D thankyou!!!

PLEASE NOTE: The next few comments contain some salty language. I cleaned them up a little, but if you’re still not into that, please skip to the Parting Words at the end.


Holy s**t, your FAQ is amazing girl! it’s so well put together, it’s awesome. I will definitely be reading it whenever I slip. Thank you! <3

Your FAQ seriously means so much to me <3 I was just in the middle of a binge but instead of being like “f**k the scale, it never goes down”, and continuing eating, I read your FAQ and realized that people f**k up, and instead of f**king up more and saying “nevermind I’ll just start this diet tomorrow”, I stopped binging. This is a rant, basically I just want to say thank you thank you<3!

OH MY F**KING GOD. I just read your FAQ thing. A-F**KING-MAZING! You have so so so so so (times like 9846923761) given me inspiration to do this.

So here’s a little story. I went shopping today with a friend, and was devastated. I wanted to wear cute, edgy clothes, but I’ve always been so fat that I’ve just clung to jeans and t-shirts, terrified of dressing up in anything else. It’s nearly impossible for me to shop, and when I do try on cute clothes, I just want to cry and rip my hair out. It’s the most frustrating feeling in the world.

So I’ve been sitting here, battling with myself over whether or not I should get some pizza, because it would taste so f**king good and I am so f**king miserable, but then I went to your page and very carefully read your FAQ, all the way through. And I just have to do this. I f**king have to. I have to have what you have. I want to know what it’s like. I’ve been alive for nineteen years, and I’ve been holding myself back the whole time. I’ve been miserable. I’ve been lonely, and lacking confidence, and completely encased within a thick shell. I know I could have a beautiful, hourglass body if I wasn’t such a loser. I want to actually know what my face looks like. So I’m going to do it.

I’ve recently lost ten pounds, but then I’ve plateaued and have been in a state of despair ever since. But not anymore. Tonight I don’t need pizza; I need glass upon glass of water, and maybe a bit of fruit. I’m just so tired of being like this. I’m ready to live now. Thank you.

Parting Words and Invitation

Do you want to experience the joy, the motivation, the success that these people have?

You can.

I don’t know what you, personally, need. But I do know—and you have just seen—that tons of people like you have found what they needed in my little weight loss success story.

If you’re ready to start your journey to health and happiness, I would love to help. That’s the whole purpose of this website.

And it’s why I’m offering the FAQ (available only HERE and in my book) to you.

May you become as successful as you can dream you will be.

Yours in health and hope,