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I’m Alyssa and I have one of the oddest weight loss stories that I know about.  You be the judge:

Slender woman in lowrise jeans

A lifelong serial dieter, I finally learned how to lose weight without dieting.

Okay, I’m exaggerating a tiny bit, but truth of the matter is, it was when I stopped listening to all the conflicting weight loss advice out there that my weight started dropping like a rock.

This surprised me more than anyone else.

My whole life, I had always struggled with, and lost the fight against, my weight.  NO advice or plan would work for me for more than about three weeks.  Usually, I lasted closer to three days.

I’m not one of those people who claims to have tried “every” diet, but I’ve tried enough to know diets don’t work for me, and neither does whichever “One Simple Trick” spam/scam most websites advertise at one time or another.  Some of the diets, gimmicks, and tricks I have tried include:

  1. A glass of water before every meal failed to slow me down.
  2. Eight glasses of water every day was impossible for me to keep up. I couldn’t do it. I soon felt like a failure and gave up altogether.
  3. The Don’t Finish Your Meal but Leave Two Forkfuls of Food on Your Plate trick.  I couldn’t even do that.
  4. The Cabbage Soup Diet worked–until 3 or 4 days later when my body replenished all the water weight it had lost.  Also, I couldn’t go near another cabbage for ages.
  5. Keeping my food supply really low so I couldn’t binge.  I instead turned to whatever I could scrounge from the back of the pantry–like instant Ramen soup.
  6. Diet pills, including the ridiculous “ACE” concoction (Aspirin, Caffeine, and Ephedrine).  I felt ill, and I gained weight.
  7. Fish with broccoli and brown rice for every lunch and dinner.  After three weeks I just couldn’t eat it anymore.
  8. Nutri-System.  Lost over 10 pounds until, once again, I just couldn’t choke down their mail-order food.
  9. The Low-Fat Diet.  Nothing tasted good.
  10. The Low-Carb Diet and, tied with it, The Paleo Diet.  No carbs = no energy. Each lasted less than a month.
  11. Multiple diet books, weight loss cookbooks, gym memberships, and magazine subscriptions.  Their advice either contradicted all the other advice or were pathetic attempts to sell magazines, for example “Drink cold water so you burn calories bringing it up to body temperature” vs. “Only room-temperature water is good for you”).

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, don’t despair.

There is a way

My way, as I said above, I discovered by accident.  And I was shocked at how well it worked.  And how it kept on working.  I didn’t relapse.  I didn’t go back to my old ways.  I made it to my goal weight, and I managed to maintain that goal weight.  None of it was easy, but it definitely became easier.  And then it became a habit.  And now, I can’t imaging going back.

This was also the inspiration for the name of this website and the book by the same name.  It came from out of nowhere, actually.  I was journaling about how excited I was, early in my weight loss journey, to know that I was soon going to be able to meet the “real me”, the one who had been hidden all her life by fat, and who was just waiting to emerge.  Later, struggling against various barriers to my weight loss, I took courage in remembering “the real me is skinny”.

I was so happy to be right.

My way has also worked for countless others. I know, because many of them wrote to me in tears, expressing how grateful they were to have finally found a way that made sense, and which worked.

I’ve lost count of how many beautiful comments I’ve received from people who read my old blog, and from those who left reviews for my book. One doesn’t fail to notice, and be humbled by, someone who leaves a review saying publicly, “Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving me.

What is this “way”?

It can’t be answered in a sentence, or even in a paragraph.  It took me almost 300 pages to type it out in its entirety. But let me just say that it’s the inspiration for this website, and MUCH more information is coming soon.  In the meantime, the most important thing for you to consider is this:

  1. Learn what your body wants from you and what it will take for you to stay healthy while becoming the best version of yourself.
  2. Sit down and count the cost.  How badly do you want to be free from your fat?  That’s how much you must be willing to spend, in effort, energy, and humility to achieve your goal.  Money is not a factor, nor it is even a requirement.  Your burning desire to become the Real You is the only currency that works in this economy.
  3. Promise yourself, and promise your online community, that you will make it happen.

There will be bumps in the road.  There may also be walls you run into.  Others will try to keep you from succeeding.

None of this matters.

Let them be them.

And let you become the You you always dreamed you could be.

Because you can.

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