Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Hi there, curious one, and welcome to our Privacy Policy page. If you have been having a hard time falling asleep, you’ve come to the right place. This is far and away the most boring page on here.

Still, we’ll try to keep it at least somewhat readable. You in?

Okay, you asked for it ….

Why We Keep Some Information (and Why It’s Totally Not a Bad Thing)

Although it’s clear that is, probably, the best resource in the world for information on health and weight loss, not all the world yet knows this. We’re not (YET) a household name.

Thus, it’s very important that we figure out who visits us, how long they spend here, and what stuff they like to read. This way, we can focus on producing MORE of the stuff people want to read, which helps Google (and Yahoo, and Bing) to realize, “Hey, that TRYIS website has lots of stuff people are searching for! We should probably put them higher up in the search results.”

To do this, we use a TINY amount of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software to keep track of your visit, which we will explain below.

If you have any questions or requests, we will gladly help if we can. Just fire off an email to


Log Files uses log files. Log files keep a “log” (haha, too easy!) of your IP address, type of browser, internet provider, and a bunch of other stuff that helps us figure out how you got here and what you did while you were here, including when you visited, which pages you visited, how you got to those pages, what the last page was before you left the site, how many things you clicked on, and even some information about you, like what country you’re visiting from.

 If you’re concerned about this, don’t be: none of this information lets us personally identify you in any way. And, as you already know, we’re not trying to figure out who you are, but merely what you like to read.


Cookies and Web Beacons does not use (or eat) cookies. We like it that way, and we imagine you do, too.

 However, Google does. As a third party vendor, they use the DART cookie to serve ads to users based on their visit to this and other sites. This is just another one of the ways Google knows everything.

 If you don’t want Google to give you oodles of ogles, you can ask them to stop. Contact info and an opt-out provision are at

 Another thing that we LOVE to do at TRYIS is provide SUPER HELPFUL links to third party websites where we happen to know that they have useful stuff for you to read, use, or buy. For example, there’s one free awesome calorie calculator that we love, because it actually does a good job of predicting how long it will take you to lose a certain amount of weight, or how much you need to be eating to reach a certain weight by a certain date.

 Another favorite link, for example, points to a wee little book that has changed many lives—and just happens to have the same name as this website. Well, of course we’d love for you to check out its reviews and maybe even poke around inside it using the “Look Inside” feature available at Amazon. Amazon [probably] uses some sort of cookie or web beacon thing so it, too, knows how traffic is coming its way.

The same also may hold true for some (but certainly not all-please, we’re writers and health enthusiasts, not hackers or crooks) of the other links we use to direct you to third party websites. These third-party ad servers or ad networks use technology that figures out how to send certain relevant links or ads directly to your browser. These third parties automatically receive your IP address (totally normal on the internet—in fact, you probably already knew that your IP address is viewable by almost every website you visit). They also may use technologies like cookies, JavaScript, or web beacons to measure how well their ads are working, or to personalize the ads you see. All of this is entirely out of our hands, as has no access to, or control of, these cookies. But, like we said, we’re not worried about it and we think that you shouldn’t be, either. If you want to know how the other sites work, we recommend paying them a visit and reading their own Privacy Policies for contact and opt-out information).

 One more thing: if you’re not interested in any communication with, just leave this website, and you’re good to go. We get it; there are AT LEAST a dozen or more websites out there worth visiting. None of them beats us on love, laughter and weight loss, but they do offer other useful stuff. Just please don’t click on any entertainment gossip websites. Life’s too short for that drivel, and it’ll just make you either unhappy with your life (because you envy the celebrities) or exceedingly prideful (because so many of them are train wrecks). You need neither of these.

 Finally, if cookies, etc., are still not at all your thing, virtually every browser, if not every browser, allows to you disable cookies from the Properties section (or whatever the particular browser calls it) of its Menu.


That’s It

We hope you enjoyed this thrilling read, and that you are now extremely relaxed and ready to drift off in sweet sleep.

You’re welcome.

Happy trails! Stay positive, stay committed, and stay informed—and you WILL obtain the results you need.

PS – Techhie Bear says goodbye:

So long, friends!