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Seeking Writers / Photographers / Models

Although a single person, technically, founded this website, she wouldn’t have done it were it not for all the thousands of messages of support over the years.  She therefore–

    –aw forget it, it’s too hard writing in the third person without sounding cold or stuffy.

Point is: I KNOW there are tons of people out there who have things to say, stories to tell, and photos to share (even if they’re just mirror selfies that these people–I mean, YOU–are particularly pleased with).

People used to send them all the time.  I had hundreds of them before my old social media site vaporized my account and refused even to answer my emails asking for my files.  I have only a small handful on my hard drive, such as these two:

Healthy Blonde teen preparing to go to the beach
This one went viral. For good reason.
Curvy blonde in bikini
“Was headed to the beach today. I felt super skinny!”

Now, of course, this site is never going to be like the old blog site was.  It will be more grownup and more diverse, because it’s going to contain more of YOUR content.

Yes, I promise, I will still write.  And write.  And write some more.  I have SO much that I want to share, and I know it’s going to be super helpful to our readers.

But it would bless and honor me so much if others had a say, too.  In the old days, some of my best posts were not even my posts, really, they were just answers to supremely awesome and inspiring messages.  Just imagine if those messages could instead become WHOLE ARTICLES, from all kinds of people who have great insights to share!

And, of course, you would have a permanent internet presence and you could build or strengthen your own voice and audience.

Standards for writing:

  1. Be positive. The world doesn’t need another downer website. If you write something that refutes the “facts”, that’s fine, so long as you stay on point
  2. Be nice.  We don’t tear others down here. Our opponents do, but we take the high road.
  3. Share only original, UNPUBLISHED content (sorry, no re-hashes of something that you posted elsewhere, no matter how delicious it is–if you REALLY want to use it, talk to me, and I’ll see what we can do about a re-write).  There’s an important reason for this that I’ll explain to you privately if you need me to.
  4. Keep it G-rated, or no more than PG-13, if necessary (because sometimes life doesn’t treat us like we’re in a fairy tale).
  5. Be willing to have your materials edited or (sorry, I occasionally have to do this) rejected.  By a really nice person, if that helps.

That’s it!  I leave the rest up to you.  Just make it something that fits within what we’re trying to do here.

Standards for photos & videos:

  1. No too-skinny models unless part of a recovery feature.
  2. No too-fat models unless for the same reason or to augment a discussion.
  3. No R-rated pictures.  Let your (and your models’) healthy confidence be what makes your photos beautiful.  All subjects should be in, at least, underwear or swimwear.  Artistic nudity will be tolerated only when subjects’ dignity is still intact (looking sexy is fine, looking like the subject is soliciting or experiencing sex is not).  See below for examples.
  4. Acceptable works include depictions of female or male beauty, health, fitness, exercise, weight loss, fashion, friendship, happiness, and healthy mind/spirit.
  5. Most importantly, you MUST be the owner of ALL rights to the photos or movies.  This means that either
    • (1) YOU took the pictures of yourself;
    • (2) Someone else took the pictures and gave ALL copies to you, not keeping any copies for himself / herself; or
    • (3) YOU took the pictures of someone else, and either
      • (a) you have their written consent to publish the pictures,
      • (b) the person is not readily identifiable in the picture (cropping off most of the head and eyes usually suffices), or
      • (c) the person was in a public space, such as in a park, on a sidewalk, on the beach, etc.

Here is the promised set of example photos:

Left column Green, middle Yellow, right Red

TOP:  G: Looking great in well-fitted clothing. Y: in undies but positive energy R: can’t see anything but it’s obvious what look she’s trying to pull off.

MIDDLE: G: topless but only to show off tasteful beauty Y: fully nude but artistically so, no private parts or attitude R: “clothed” but really…..No.

BOTTOM: I just noticed that the bottom row contains all “bottoms” haha, totally not planned.  G: nothing but inspiring Y: a little getting close, but has happy energy R: yes, she’s ludicrously fit and shapely, but the pic is far too salacious.


I’d love to partner with you!  Please contact me if you’re interested, or if you know anyone who might be.  Feel free to send people this way.

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