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Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips. – Proverbs 27:2


You motivate me to be something better than I am.
I have read so many books and none of them helped me because they were not written by anybody who had even a remotely similar brain to mine. Your experience is real and your method is so reassuring …. Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving me.
I can say with absolute certainty that this book changed my life, It’s something I’m going to keep forever, and reread over and over again for motivation and a voice of reason and sanity in a country of excess that’s gone nuts, telling people whatever they want to hear just to sell a book or program or magazine. “Eat all the ______ you want and lose weight!” Almost every book put out in the last ten years has the tagline “Lose weight without counting calories!” I have read hundreds of these books and articles, and in the last few years after putting on excess weight, I’ve tried a bunch of them…
What spoke to me so deeply about Alyssa’s book was not only hers being a real story of transformation, but it REMINDED me of MY OWN transformation …  Now, thanks to Alyssa, I remember vividly and know now how to use my own strength to get back there! NO MORE wacky diets or theories!! They just don’t work in the real world!! …  Alyssa’s method– relying on YOURSELF to make the proper decisions about what and when to eat, no matter where, when, with who, with whatever kind of food availability or situation you find yourself in, is truly the only one that works long term ….

I’d like to say “Kudos!” to Alyssa for being brave enough to tell her story, amid all the controversy in our country about weight loss and body love. We have reached a whole new level of hypocrisy in our culture at the moment, and the witch hunt is on for anybody that tells people that being overweight is their own fault and they are the only ones to have any power to change it, We as a culture have been babied ( or “sold”) into the idea that it’s not our fault if we are overweight … We’ve also been sold the idea that’s its not fair that we can’t eat whatever we want and still be healthy and beautiful- it’s just not fair! Hence, all the programs out there telling you to eat all you want and still lose weight without counting calories!!! … if that were all true, our obesity problem would be pretty much solved.
But it isn’t, so what does that tell us? Alyssa hit the nail on the head with her revelation … that skinny is HARD. It’s HARD WORK. Which is a WICKEDLY unpopular, if not downright offensive, statement in our culture right now.

To anybody who thinks Alyssa is promoting disordered eating, they did not read the book. She makes clear the distinctions of calorie counting and eating disorders, and emphasizes throughout the book the importance of nutrition.  This book DOES NOT PROMOTE EATING DISORDERS.

Also-I really enjoyed Alyssa’s writing style and the layout of the book-she flip-flops between personal journal entries and chapters of info; it made the book completely engaging and fun to read.

I have never left a review this long [Note: this is the abridged version – AMD] but after reading a million other diet books, I just wanted to give high remarks for a well written and enlightening book!
This book is definitely worth reading and looks at weight loss in a very realistic way. No, it’s not easy to do, but Dahl’s words do a wonderful job at explaining to you what your weight loss journey will be like but, more importantly, why it is worth it.
Alyssa’s emotional journey as well as her methods are all beneficial to me as I continue to lose weight. But what’s MOST amazing is how her methods worked for me. The weight just started dropping off when I started listening to her. I lost about 10 pounds since I read this a month ago! :) I used to listen to what all the personal trainers said- I mean, they were the ones I thought knew everything. But little did I know they were wrong! For about 6 months, I was working out everyday for an hour and a half and eating everything they told me, aimed for 65g protein, yadda yadda yadda… but my weight wasn’t going down much. And I wasn’t looking that different … And then BAM! Listened to Alyssa and I even cut back on exercising a lot … and I still lost more weight than ever beforehand. I’M SO GLAD I read it!
With this book, I also FINALLY have the knowledge of knowing I can be thin for the rest of my life! I never thought I would ever say that. I can be thin forever. Because her combination of intuitive/disciplined eating and exercise just works.

People told me when I was at my heaviest, “You’re fat”, they would say. Or “you’re big boned”. Or “it’s genetic.” And they would judge me and give me looks. But definitely made me feel like there was nothing I can do about it. When I lost weight and was at my happiest weight, thin and very toned, and healthy! The same people- they went berserk. You’re too thin! You look gross! You’re awful! Look at you, eating only vegetables! Are you crazy!? Meanwhile, it was the only time I was just at a completely normal weight. I looked totally fine. I realize that NOW- two years later, when I look back at pictures. But then, they had made me feel like something was wrong with me. They made me feel worse than when I was fat! They made me feel BAD about my weight loss because it intimidated them, and I let their negativity affect me. She addresses these issues in her book amongst many more! (Another thing: I also realized I was using similar methods to what Alyssa did when I was maintaining that size.)

What I noticed: how Alyssa loses weight is how most celebrities (But don’t admit it) and many people lose weight and keep it off. Its a lifestyle change! And she also explains her reasoning for all her choices in method, busts many myths, and the whole nature of becoming a skinny person- in a way you can maintain forever. Just read it. It all makes sense. It’s so simple. Not that it won’t be a challenge. But really- it’s a simple method.

Seeing the real me come out from underneath the unnecessary pounds has been amazing.

Although I don’t necessarily agree with some of her methods,I appreciate that the author depicted her personal struggle of weight loss, and that it is HARD work and can’t be attained through gimmicks, special foods or weight loss supplements. If you are looking for a book that gives you a complete “guide to skinny,” this is probably not for you. However, if you are looking for a success story, tips on how to overcome societal pressures, an honest look into the difficulty of losing weight, or anecdotes on the euphoric feeling that results from accomplishing [previously unattainable] goals throughout the weight loss process, then look no further.

This book depicts more of a psychological battle in weight loss, and provides refreshing insights to some of the hard realities of losing weight. Despite being a long-time reader of the author’s blog, I still find gleans of inspiration and ideas throughout the book. It offers more meaningful and deeper thoughts on topics not often dealt with on her blog. This book is a reminder of how painful weight loss is, and how sweet success could be. I’m sure readers will be buoyed by her story, touched by her words, and grounded by her common-sensical approach to weight loss and life.

My favourite part is the way she expresses her takes on certain more sensitive issues, how she tells things as they are but yet always express it with love and concern for the reader. While there is indeed a whole chapter dedicated to justifying why she isn’t promoting ED, I think it’s really in words throughout the WHOLE book that reminds one that there is MORE to life than pursuing perfection. One of my favourite quotes at the beginning is “thin gives life”, as the author elaborates on how her life changed as she lost weight. Later on, her quote “thin gives life, not thin IS life” reflects the wisdom that life is more than losing weight. And there are lots more such wise and kind reminders throughout the whole book.

Really, this book promotes a mindset rather than prescribes a “recipe for success”. I do think even – or, especially – serial dieters (people who already know much about the science behind losing weight and yet couldn’t keep it off) will benefit from this book. I also recommend this book for young adults, cuz it provides a very relevant story without losing sight of the bigger picture in life.

Easy to read and understand; very honest and blunt- challenging the modern “rules” and thoughts about diet and health. This book might be just the thing you need to push you towards reaching your goal: skinny.
This very poorly written book is full of ignorant advice and promotes unhealthy behavior
Haha I just had to throw that one in =8-D
It was great to hear someone else fought the same battle and was successful. Gives me hope that I’ll reach body peace someday as well.
I give it 5 stars for her being honest and raw. The diary entry format makes you really feel like you’ve been able to step inside her situation and enables you to empathize with her as you read the book. No, I don’t share all the same opinions as her, but I did find some things in common, and overall I am grateful I got the book! Congratulations, Alyssa, job well done on losing weight and maintaining and THEN taking the time to write out the story to inspire your readers!
This book just adds to my motivation. I currently don’t run as fast or as long as I wish I could, but I know my goal will be achieved. I love the food suggestions Alyssa gives, and I think her story can inspire anyone who is truly determined to lose weight. I know I can now choose the right foods to increase my fat burning potential and have nutritionally dense meals.
This is useful info for my ‘mental’ diet.
This book will help you change the way you think about yourself, being slim, and give you the peace of mind on how to get there.
Very interesting read on an unhealthy girl’s journey to being fit and sexy! Every time I read a passage, I want to go jog afterwards!
I’m so glad I came across Alyssa’s amazing book. It’s one of the best, if not the best, diet books I have ever read. I really appreciate Alyssa’s honesty in describing her weight loss journey.  I was always slim; however, I was not very satisfied with my flabby and jiggling thighs … Alyssa’s book put me in the right mood and mindset to achieve my goals.  It made a lasting impression on me. Highly recommended!
This is a realistic, down-to-the-nitty-gritty book that makes no false promises but gives hope to those who want to make a change. Dahl …  details (quite vividly) what life was like for her both before and after her transformation in a way that readers can truly relate to. Her struggles were real and I believe that many readers will feel as if they are in the same boat. While her method of losing weight can be viewed as controversial in the fitness world, she offers up plenty of counter-arguments that are convincing. There is no one-size-fits-all weight loss method and Dahl is simply telling readers what worked for her. I think that for anyone looking for proof that they can lose the weight, this is the right book.
I enjoyed the book, and I would buy it again if I had the chance.
This book was one that I didn’t find myself debating purchasing for long, especially once I found how the author’s social media presence alone spurred me on. I IMMEDIATELY was inspired to get started on my journey towards my sexiest me as soon as I could manage. Now I’m proud to say I’m on what is my third time through the magnificent words and I can say that it’s been so –ridiculously– encouragingA one of a kind motivator that I have yet to find a rival for. I can’t express my gratitude for the honest and relatable telling of this young woman’s story of struggle and success in finding her best self and the relentless pursuit of nothing short of just that. I have so much faith in my own abilities now that I’m sure even stalls won’t lead me to setbacks.
I came in skeptical because let’s be honest…that title is a wee bit off-putting. HOWEVER, Alyssa Dahl more than makes up for her unfortunate title by offering an honest, vulnerable and genuine catalogue of her journey. I love that she is willing to tackle convention and to offer an unpopular opinion. An enjoyable read that was neither too long or too short.
I enjoyed this book. I like that it was written in a journal format because I found it very inspiring to follow her journey from fat to thin. I’ve found myself eating much less since reading it…. Reading her journey to becoming a runner was particularly inspiring. I’ve started running and even though I’m still in the phase where I don’t like it, I’m now convinced that if I hang in there that I will soon love it. Her running progress was amazing and made me realize how fast it can happen. Some stuff was questionable but the bottom line is that I read it and I’m losing weight and feeling healthier then ever…somewhat effortlessly. And I find that I do love going to bed a little hungry. Thank you to the author for being so honest and open. This book was just what I needed right now.
From a Nurse:
A very inspiring story of a young girl’s struggles with her weight and how she overcame it to become thin. It has a very positive message overall and I found it really motivating.
I appreciate a diet book that keeps it real and this one does. Thank you for this great book. It was validating, honest, non-judgmental and very empathetic.
Another Badly written, shockingly dull account of nothing special. Save your money and watch paint dry instead, far more educational.
LOL I just couldn’t resist throwing that one in there, too!
This book totally makes sense. The personal diary makes it super accessible and relatable to anyone who has ever tried to lose weight and given up or been disappointed. It’s motivating and a really quick easy read – give it a go and decide for yourself
Really enjoyed and found it encouraging.  A good read for anyone unhappy with their weight.
This book really encouraged me to change my thinking and celebrate any successes

Other Sources (too many to list, sorry):

The real you is skinny , een boek geschreven door een meisje dat jarenlang worstelde met overgewicht en haar verhaal besloot te delen. Het is een heel inspirerend boek en vanaf vandaag tot en met zondag geloof ik kan je gratis de kindle versie ervan downloaden op amazon.  Ik volg dat meisje zelf op Tumblr, ze gebruikt een alias omdat ze niet beroemd wilt zijn om het boek, alleen mensen ermee wilt helpen. Ik heb al zoveel positieve feedback gelezen en ik ben er nu zelf ook in bezig. Daarom vond ik het wel een goed idee om het met jullie te delen. Het is wel in het Engels, voor degene die het niet kunnen lezen. Daarbij is het NIET iets dat eetstoornissen aanmoedigt en het meisje zelf heeft ook geen eetstoornis.
For those of you who don’t read Dutch quite so well, here’s Google’s translation:
The real you is skinny, a book written by a girl who decided to share struggled for years with obesity and its story. It is a very inspiring book … I follow the girl herself on [The old website] … she did not want to be famous for the book, people just want to help them. I have read so much positive feedback, and I am now also in progress. That’s why I thought it was a good idea to share it with you. It is in English, for those who can not read it. In addition, it is NOT something that encourages eating disorders and the girl herself has no eating disorder.
I love you, my Dutch friend, and I hope all is well <3

The book is more or less the documented story of one girl’s transformation from chubby (170-ish pounds) to skinny (120-ish). On the way, she learns how to enjoy exercise, eat healthier, and develop a happier mindset.

At times, the book seems a bit humdrum – it reads like a food diary and a complaint book. But then you realize… hey, this is exactly the kind of talk I give myself. This is how I eat, this is how I’m doing things. What kind of mindset is working for the author, and how can I apply that to my transformation?

The book isn’t for everyone … but for those of us who understand that getting skinny is about transforming your mindset and STICKING TO IT, the book is really helpful. It’s not for people looking for a quick fix, or trying to learn how to starve themselves on the least number of calories possible.

Definitely pick up a copy and try it out if you can!


A great book that nails what keeps people overweight and unhealthy and what to do about it.


This book just adds to my motivation. I currently don’t run as fast or as long as I wish I could, but I know my goal will be achieved. I love the food suggestions Alyssa gives, and I think her story can inspire anyone who is truly determined to lose weight. I know I can now choose the right foods to increase my fat burning potential and have nutritionally dense meals.


Dear reader: I don’t know any of these people.  I asked none of them to review my book.

Instead, I merely found a way to lose the fat and become the slender version of myself that I never thought I could become.  I wrote about it, and, as you can see, it has changed lives.  I don’t understand why.

But I do know that yours can be the next changed life.