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Yours truly (just the other ... year)

My dear friends,

Your stories keep coming in, whether here or through reviews on Amazon and other venues (but not tumblr–can I get an Amen? I wear my banning from said failed website as a badge of pride. How do you feel now, jobless tumblrettes?). You, dear reader, humble me so much. My story came out so long ago, I struggle to understand how it still helps people today. I’m over the moon that it does. One review of TRYIS said “Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving me.” You’re so welcome, exuberant one! It was my profound honor. So many others of you have written such glowing praise that I don’t know how to accept it. All I did was discover, by accident, how to achieve the success that formerly evaded me so skilfully. I am grateful for this and how it turned out.

Regarding Yours Truly, and without going into doxxing levels of details, my life is SO MUCH DIFFERENT TODAY than it formerly was. A decade plus will do that. Inwardly, I’m still the person I was back in 2012–that is to say, the Real Me. I’m content–errrrr…strike that–I’m mostly content with who I am. Other things like [redacted–let’s just say ageing-related stuff] and so on, have intruded. Echoes of elders telling me to enjoy my youth while I could. I didn’t know what that meant. It’s starting to make sense.

Penelope Cruz after time
Me last summer – JK that’s Penelope Cruz these days … it happens to the best of us

(I found that pic above a little unsettling, but not so much I wanted to delete it. Compare and contrast a peer of hers, but just recognize that this is the exception, not the rule)

Courteney Cox at 50 in bikini
Courtenay Cox (retired)

I started my journey well over a decade ago. Soon, it will have been a decade and a half. How has this time disappeared? I’m old now (apologies to my readers who would protest that I was never old). Except It’s not only I who has aged. Girls I knew back in the day, girls who inspired me, no longer post current pics (but who am I to call the kettle black?). There was a certain exception, a 19-year-old whose progress lit my fire long ago. She and I bantered back and forth regularly on tumblr. A few months ago I wondered “Whatever happened to good ol’ ___________?” I looked her up, and found she’s now on OnlyFans, and no longer looks natural. I wept. I’d post fully G-rated pictures, but even cropping, flipping, and pixelating her photos left them reverse-image-searchable, and I’ve never been one to call out others (although A****s G****r has tempted me).

Wow, this post took a turn. But that’s what’s on my mind today.

Just keep it about your health, which will bring at least an amount of happiness. You never feel better than when you’re … better.

All my love,



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