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Is the 8-week blood sugar diet the same as The Real You is Skinny?
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An expert says the same things and doesn’t get banned

As time goes by, more and more sources vindicate my weight loss methods as viable, safe, effective, and fast ways to lose weight; not long ago I was stunned to read the Daily Mail Diabetes Diet, which is something of a big thing in the United Kingdom.  It not only is helping people lose weight (and find life, yay!), it is reversing diabetes in many of its followers!  Now THAT’s healthful eating!

The Daily Mail series of articles is written by and excerpted from a book written by a prominent physician and well-known weight loss author, Dr. Michael Mosbey.  Let’s take a closer look at what this weight loss program looks like, compared to mine.

The Bad Blogger vs. the Good Doctor

My thriving social media account was permanently terminated for supposedly advocating “self-harm” among my readers.  Sooooo……I’m going to create a fun little project.  Let’s take excerpts from my book, The Real You Is Skinny, and put them side by side with excerpts from the good Doctor, who is saving, and adding many years to, lives.  Let’s not give away who wrote what, but let’s use different colored text.  One author will be quoted in red, the other in blue.  Can you guess which is which?  Note: excerpts are edited for brevity and context, and to not give away the author’s identity.


You need to change the way you think about food and the way you deal with setbacks.  There are always going to be stressful days when things are going badly and you reach for a large tub of ice cream.  If you give in (and most of us will at some point), then try not to despair or give up hope.  Don’t just ridicule yourself for being a failure and decide that you might as well give up; rather, realize you’re only human.

You’re human.  That means you’re going to screw up.  Have you been eating well for days and have seen no results and feel like eating a whole tub of ice cream since nothing seems to make a difference no matter how hard you try?  Wound up eating it all and now hate yourself more than ever?  Don’t just implode into a black hole of self-loathing.  It’s not that you’re a loser, it’s just that this stuff is hard, and we’re all going to stumble now and then.  Even the most successful people do.

Saying, ‘Pull yourself together!’ rarely works. But you can counter these negative thoughts by making yourself more mindful–taking time out to look at your thoughts in a less judgmental and more reasonable way.

After you mess up, you can beat yourself up–or you can just face the reality that the damage is already done and you’re not going to be able to go back in time to undo it.  Once you confess that you can’t change the past, you can move on and instead change your future.  Ask yourself: “What can I do to reverse the effects of my mistake?”

How Much Food?

I cut my calories to 1,200 a day–filling my plate with vegetables, salads and smaller portions of carbohydrates and proteins … My weight started to drop, but this wasn’t fast enough for me, so I cut my calories to 800 a day. This seemed to be the magic number. The weight fell off … It was weird because I didn’t feel hungry … I filled up on homemade vegetable soup and drank lots of water. Breakfast was yogurt, lunch was a piece of fruit and a salad and I ate a good sized dinner: fajitas in lettuce leaf wraps instead of tortillas, or grilled meat with salad and vegetables.

I almost never exceeded 1200 calories in a day.  Usually, I ate 800 or 900 calories a day.  Naturally, this wasn’t 800 calories of french fries washed down with sodas; I ate good foods, mostly vegetables and meat, plus multivitamins.  After a few weeks of eating like this I noticed something wonderful: I wasn’t hungry anymore!  After a few months, it even came to feel natural.  And the pounds just fell off of me.

What’s it Like on this Diet?

The first few weeks are going to be the toughest, as your body adapts to fewer calories, but you will find that you begin to lose weight, fast.  By week four, you will start to feel more normal and your cravings will, hopefully, be much reduced.  You will have lost a lot of weight.  After another month or so, you will see some big changes. You should be feeling a real sense of achievement.  Perhaps you need to buy new clothes.  Maybe you stop and look in mirrors to admire the difference.  Pull out those old photos. Take new ones. Post them on Facebook or Twitter. Take time to celebrate what you’ve done. 

It is going to take too long and be too hard.  But before long, a month will have passed, and you will be skinnier.  You will be so very happy about it, and you will want to keep going, and you will.  Only it won’t be as hard as it was at first, because your body is getting used to this and learning who’s in charge.  You will keep it up, and you will start to love the new you.  And, before you know it, more time will have passed, and you will be so much happier with your new self … all the agonizing you did, all the restraining yourself when you so badly wanted just to give in … it will all seem like so long ago, like such a small thing … you’ll look in the mirror, and … you will be beautiful.

Keeping the Weight Off

Getting this far is a real achievement, but you don’t want to undo all the good work by reverting to your old lifestyle.  Your main preoccupation should now be: ‘How am I going to stay in this shape for the rest of my life?’  The answer: keep your good habits.  Many people who diet end up regaining much of the weight they have so painfully lost. But this is not inevitable. You should create a lifestyle you can stick to.

A weight maintenance mindset is something you’re going to have to keep up for the rest of your life if you’re going to be successful.  You cannot think of this as “a diet” but as “your diet.”  That is, not a temporary change in eating, but a lifelong system of maintaining your weight; something you live with and stick with. Make solid changes you can manage, not drastic changes which will burn you out.

Hints & Tips

Get rid of all tempting junk food in the house until you’ve taught yourself to have better self-control.  Sometimes, it’s just too hard to resist, and you need to cast out the offending item.

Don’t keep food in the house that you want to avoid. If chocolatey and sugary snacks are anywhere nearby, unless you have superhuman willpower, there will come a time when you succumb.

Each of us has our own Achilles’ Heel.  For me, it used to be toast.  It was so addicting!  I’d make two slices, then two more, and before long I’d eaten half a dozen, each with a generous portion of butter and jam.  So wrong!  It only relented after I got rid of my toaster.

My weakness is toast. I suggested that we throw out the toaster but my family refused. Instead, I keep unsalted nuts by the toaster, so when I am tempted to snack on toast and jam, I eat nuts instead. Mostly.

I weigh myself every day.  I’m not the only one who thinks this is a good idea.  In a famous weight loss study, daily weighing was the single most common factor to success.

I weigh myself several times a week, despite the widely held belief that you should only get on the scales once a week. This is contradicted by a recent weight loss trial.  Some people weighed themselves daily, others weekly, monthly or hardly at all. The more often people weighed themselves, the more weight they lost.

100-calorie snack foods are awesome because they have enough food in them to take away your hunger without scuttling your intake plans, but they are problematic because they are usually highly processed food loaded with carbs and/or salt.

Avoid ‘diet’ products as they are usually highly processed and often contain sugar and/or sweeteners (which may not turn off hunger signals).

If water is too boring, try water with thin slices of lemon and cucumber.  Other fruit and herb combinations (hello, mint leaves!) can be just as heavenly.  I also love sparkling ice water with a wedge of lime.

If you’re not fond of tap water, try disguising it by adding a squeeze of lemon or lime, or fresh mint and cucumber. I love fizzy water with lots of ice and lemon.

A Typical Day’s Eating

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with fresh fruit and milk. 170 cal.
  • Morning snack: miniature high-fiber, low-carb bran muffin. 80 cal.
  • Late lunch: turkey sandwich made with one slice of low-calorie bread and avocado.  150 cal.
  • Dinner: chicken breast, cranberry sauce, tomatoes, and spiced eggplant.  400 cal.
  • TOTAL: 800 calories.
  • Breakfast: cottage cheese with pears and walnuts. 210 cal.
  • Lunch: lettuce wrap with crab, mustard, and fresh herbs. 210 cal.
  • Dinner: chicken breasts with herbs and vegetables. 420 cal.
  • TOTAL: 840 calories.

Questions and Answers

800 calories???  Why? How?

It’s more than you might think, but less than you’re used to. The key is making sure every single mouthful packs a punch.  You may find it easier to lose weight fast, which, if it’s done properly, is more motivating. And while 800 calories is low, as diets go, it’s not super low.

Some of us don’t reliably lose weight at a higher intake.  It makes us want to give up.  For me, keeping myself challenged by eating less, and quickly seeing the results, encourages me far more.  It breeds more success.  If you eat better foods than the average person does, you can get all your required nutrients by eating less food, with fewer calories.

Can I still drink alcohol?
If you must, stick to small amounts. Alcohol is highly calorific, and it will also raise fat storage and inflammation in the liver, increasing the insulin resistance that promotes weight gain.
Alcohol slows the weight loss, but certainly doesn’t stop it.  However,  it has a lot of calories, and you should consider it a replacement for some of the extra food that you are now NOT going to eat because of those calories.  Also, realize that alcohol slows your metabolism until after your body has burned off the alcohol, so you must be careful.

So, How Did You Do?  Am I Red or am I Blue?

If you picked blue, you win!

So how wacky is that?  A person could be forgiven for thinking that the good Doctor has read The Real You Is Skinny, based on his advice!

Anyhow, I’m not here making any type of accusation, nor do I try to flatter myself.  All I wanted to point out is, once again, it doesn’t matter what the Thought Police think!  It doesn’t matter what “They” say—my methods work, they work fast, and they are healthful when done correctly.

I wish you much success <333

To check out prices, reviews, and content of either or both book, click/tap on the pictures below to be taken to the books’ Amazon pages. At the time I wrote this, Dr. Mosley’s book was the #1 new release in medical books. Mine is #1 in … uh, many of my readers’ hearts!


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