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Here is just a sample of what people are saying about The Real You Is Skinny:

“This book is the reason I learned English” – Ernest Hemingway

But seriously now … for some reason, this book, and my blog writing, is changing lives.   And, truth be told, the above cheeky “quote” isn’t actually all that far removed from reality, as seen in this reader’s response:

I’ve been learning English for 8 years, but it had never been really useful. I mean, I had never found myself stuck in a situation where speaking English was necessary or essential. Until now.  I thank God I kept up learning English all those years. It was totally worth it. Your writings are full of gold. Thank you!

I don’t want to tell you that I have anything worth paying attention to.  Forget about me.  Rather, on this page, I’ll simply mention what others have said about the writings on my former blog. I’ll make another page later for comments on the book itself, and another for my free “How To Lose Weight” guide (yes, there are that many comments on each–I’m not complaining, of course, just saying it as it is).

Those of you who have read the book will recognize some the following remarks, as they  are simply longer versions of the quotes on the book’s cover, with the cover quotes themselves appearing here in bold italics:

A week ago I wouldn’t even think about getting up off my lazy ass and doing something about my weight. Then I found you and it’s been like an epiphany for me. Now I’m exercising every single day and taking care of my weight, and every time I feel like I can’t keep going, I come back to your blog and say: “SCREW THAT! I’M DOING THIS SHIT!” So, thank you for being the reason why I’m finally starting to change my life

This is THE best blog I have ever read. It’s given me a whole new outlook on losing weight, and I can relate to you so much! I love the personality in the way you blog, and you have really written so many valuable things! I actually feel excited about losing weight, and anytime I feel like giving up I know where to look to get back on track!

you.are.ABS.ol.utely.AMAZING. I cant even…i cant even !  its so hard for words to describe how your posts and everything make me feel. because of your posts, i know i can get through it and you’ve covered ALL the areas of my concern that other blogs/magazines/people have just not been able to provide me with. i know there are no excuses. you really…i love this blog. my favorite. ever. thank you so much for being the best inspiration<33333

Actualy, thank YOU, wonderful people, for putting fuel in my tank by letting me know how helpful my writing has been for you!  My book, and this site, would never be here except because of you.

Let the comments begin

Below is a HUGE list (over 4,000 words) of comments I received on my old blog.  In fact, ALL of these were from before I wrote my book, and long before I took my weight loss practitioner training.

Why bother including all of these?  So YOU can know that what we espouse here at TRYIS works.  You have found a resource you can trust.

There’s a load of reading here.  For you skim readers, the best parts are in bold.

I have so many bits of your advice saved on my phone and every time I feel like giving up I go read them and give myself a massive kick up the butt. So thank you, you have stopped me from giving up so many times.

Can I just say, that this blog is positively amazing. I’m trying to lose weight, and I have always thought that it was one of the most difficult tasks to do–almost impossible. But you’ve opened my eyes, and I thank you for that.

I stumbled across this blog about a week ago and i must say i am amazed! You are incredibly inspiring. In the past 9 months ive lost about 20 pounds, however i am constantly struggling with self confidence and find it extremely hard to make my lifestyle changes permanent. Reading your blog is actually so inspiring. Thank you for giving me hope that i really can become the healthy, happy person i’ve been trying to find for what seems like forever now.

When i got on my scale this morning i couldn’t believe it. I now weight 50kg… I started crying. I haven’t weighted this little in YEARS. I still have to lose another 5 kg but… this is huge to me. And, i gotta thank you. You were who got me thinking that i could also do this and succeed. And you are amazing. You’re always positive about things. Really, you are a true inspiration.

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU. I came across your page tonight after I ate a lot and I was feeling crappy. All I could think about was going home, sitting on the couch, and eating ice cream. Then I came across your blog. And it changed the way I think. About thin, about food, about running… About everything. I have to get back to exercising now, but I needed to say thank you, that you inspired me to keep going.

This has been my weight loss plan for the last 2.5 weeks:
– wake up
– read your blog first thing
– get inspired
– eat less
– exercise more
– keep a positive, determined attitude =]
I’ve lost 5 pounds so far, and it was actually really easy to do because I am finally doing it for the right reasons!

You were the first person who made me realize that i am strong enough to do this.

I can’t not smile when I read the next one (so flattering!):

YOU ARE *NEVER* GOING TO BELIEVE THIS but ill tell you anyway: I live here in ENGLAND, England, not in California like you. So I went to the hair salon and got my hair cut, yadayada, and I saw this SUPER thin girl and I said “Oh gosh, you’re so skinny! What do you do??” AND HER RESPONSE WAS “I follow [your blog].” !!!!!!!!!! Not even lying. I was so shocked.

I was, too! =8-D

I just wanted to really give you a humongous hug and thank you. This Christmas is the first one in a long while that i haven’t eaten myself into a coma. I was seriously quite nervous before our Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch bc they are just massive eating fests and i did not want to put back on all the weight and undo everything. But the whole way through, i kept your post about buffet dinners in my mind … it just helped me to stay in control. I really felt so proud to be able to indulge and treat myself without the resulting binge belly, enjoying without the guilt. And as a result i was able to stay in a really good mood the whole time bc i didn’t feel angry or upset at myself. And it ended up being my most favourite Christmas ever. So just an enormous thank you to you. I cant express how much you have helped me and improved my confidence and belief that i can do this.

You make me cry, i love this blog.
You make me feel so much stronger to be on this.
I really really admire you. You’re amazing, thanks for make me a fighter 🙂

My sweet dear, I’m so glad I can!

This next reader is something of a prophet, perhaps?

i can’t tell you how much your words motivate me, i think i love you right now. you’re amazing, don’t ever doubt it. it’s amazing that you’ve come all this way, it’s amazing that you’ve lost all this weight and it’s amazing how much your words have motivated me to stay strong and carry on, you should write a book!<3

I went outside, ran 2 miles, came back and your blog was open on my browser, I was scrolling down and it just inspired me to get back out there and run another 2 miles. I know you get this a lot, and I feel like such a groupie, but i love love love love love love your blog! You are such a great inspiration!

Hi, so you don’t know me – I don’t know you. But you’ve helped me more than you can know & I want to thank you for it.

You don’t even understand how much your blog has helped me. I’ve lost like 10 pounds in two weeks just from the “just say nom, just say no” mantra.

For those of you who have no idea what this means:

The choice is yours

The choice is yours

I’ve said this before, but your blog is truly inspirational! Thank you so, so, very much for being so motivational and helping me and a lot of other girls find the inspiration they need. You are such a big help. <3

You’re an inspiration to (myself and) so many people. Thank you for everything.

Yours is the single most inspiring blog I’ve seen, you’re so honest about your motivations and its so good to see how far you’ve come. If I can do even half as well I’ll be happy. Thank you!

Wow I’ve just sat and read through your whole blog, it’s amazing! Believe me I’m going to be re-reading so much of what you’ve written to get me through the upcoming months!

You are such an inspiration and you should know that your words of hope and dedication are reaching people like me in Sydney Australia and you personally have had the ability and power to inspire me to continue my weight loss journey in times when my motivation is seriously lacking.  In 3.5 months i’ve lost about 30 pounds and i largely have you to thank for keeping me inspired and proving that i can achieve my goal.

Wait seriously you’re so awesome. You really are a model of how I want to lose weight.

Wow. I just stumbled across your blog today while browsing weight loss blogs, and I must say that yours just BLEW ME AWAY. I have never read anything like what you have written. You have become an absolute inspiration to me in the space of 10 mins of just reading your posts and progress. Your journey is amazing, but what is even more amazing is your sheer perseverance to lose weight and become fit. Above all that is what I currently lack and what I so badly wish to learn. I have such a hard time remembering that it is a lifestyle change, not just a temporary change to see results. I have so much to say to you, but most of all I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me today.

I just found your blog, and I’m completely taken with your advice and your story.

I really love your blog, and your blog was the whole reason onto why I started wanting to lose weight.

I LOVE your blog! It inspired me to take control of my life again

I love your blog its so inspiring to me 🙂 . . . reading everything you have written just pushes me to want to work out.

A sweet story of success:

It was Thanksgiving and i was chilling on the internet after dinner and i came across your blog. I thought to myself holy crap your success is incredible and i’m tired of being the fat kid in all the pictures. That was the day i promised to myself i would change for the better. A week went by of exercising a little bit, max 10 minutes of running a day. I was dying. One lazy snow day i decided ‘i want to try a 30 minute run’, i worked up so much to do and it was rather incredible that i even stayed in the treadmill that long. It turned out i ran 2.5 miles, that is the longest i have ever ran in my life. I started doing long runs more often. Just yesterday i came to a realization that i am now running close to 3 miles in 30 minutes. Because of you i can now run faster, longer, and harder. THANK YOU! You have seriously changed who i am. And when i have softball practice, i no longer suffer through conditioning. THANK YOU! 🙂

I was searching for cool weight loss blogs to follow. When I came across yours, I devoured every page. What you’ve written is so inspiring I want to cry. I’m 134.5 lbs at the moment and want to be about 106 lbs and I know I’m able to get there.

YOU TOTALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. You made me realize that it was possible to learn to love exercise and you inspired me to finally make a change.  I’ll be forever thankful for that ♥

Thank you for everything you do for the countless people online and I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me. I’m on this journey and it’s working (lost 12 lbs so far! :)) Thank you.

You’ve inspired me to join my school’s track team 🙂 I start tomorrow!

Oh my goodness! your blog has inspired me sooo much! I was starting to think that if i ever wanted to lose weight i would just have to stop eating altogether and your blog has totally inspired me to get back to trying to focus on health with the understanding that weight loss will follow! Thank you so so so so so much!!!!

holyy, so you’re amazing! i just read like EVERYTHING on your blog and i feel like finally someone put into words how i have been feeling, and finally made me see why this overly isn’t working. I, like you, have been trying for years every diet, work out, thinspo, anything i could. And yes they would work at the beginning but then i would lose focus, control, and the feeling that i could ever be skinny. Reading all you had to say, showed me i could really do this. My mom and i got into a huge fight this morning, and i was almost ready to give up, be fat, stop trying, eat. When searching the net for a reason not to, i found many good blogs and asked questions on how to stay strong. Until i found yours. You answered all my questions without me even needing to ask them, and you showed me things i have been missing, or doing wrong all these years. So thank you. Because of you, i know i CAN do this.

I’m excited to get up tomorrow morning and work out, and eat a healthy breakfast. I know it’s going to be hard, possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. But, thank you for helping me make this realization.

Another success story(!):

Tomorrow morning is my 2 month mark weigh in. I’m pretty confident it will read that I’ve lost 20 pounds. I know everyone says this, but I have you to thank, because if it wasn’t for you and your wonderful blog, I NEVER would have made it this far. I would still be pigging out on shitty foods and hating myself for being fat. I also thought I’d update you, ever since you talked about your running I picked up running myself and have since worked up to running a 5k twice. And every day after work I come home and run a 6 mph mile before my shower. Also, after seeing my results and motivation and preaching to them, my parents have been inspired to lose weight and get healthy too. It’s such a great feeling to know I’m helping them, and I have you to thank!

And another prophet:

Please, do the world a favor. Write a book! Your advice is amazing! <3

Oh. my. God.
So, I checked out your blog & it knocked me right off my feet. It is so inspiring & I could stay on here for years and years! Thank you so much!

And a success-story-in-the-making (who tells it like it is!):

I just want to say thank you. I’m a college freshman, and all my life I’ve been dissatisfied with my weight and appearance. I began this process at 5’9″ and 155 pounds. Today I’m at 147. And I must say, the process sucks. I binged when my parents were visiting and since then the my troubles have started over again. And you know, I’ve made excuses for years. I have a slow metabolism, or it’s not fair that I can’t eat that cookie when everyone else is.

But what good has that done me? Very little. So what if I have a slow metabolism? Some people do. Doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to be happy! And so what if I can’t have a cookie for dinner? What does a cookie give me? Short-lived pleasure? I want long-lasting pleasure. And you are such an inspiration in how to get there. It’s a long and frustrating process, but I know that I can do it if I’m as strong as you are. Thank you.

Reading your blog brought tears to my eyes, in a good way! I read your post about who you have become and what your journey has ultimately lead you to- happiness and peace. I am so proud of you and I look up to you so much. Thank you so much for sharing with us what must have been a very personal experience in such detail and in such a captivating way (you do write very well). You give me hope that I can someday achieve the same feeling and you are a perfect example of how hard work and dedication can pay off in the most extraordinary ways. You really are such an inspiration to me and probably a lot of others. I cannot thank you enough, seriously.

You blog is, BY FAR, the greatest thing I have stumbled upon. There is sooo much helpful and useful information, and it’s all so positive! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I know you hear this almost every day on here because I follow your blog religiously … but you are a huge inspiration! I’ve been visiting your blog every single day for months. Its even on my bookmarks bar (as “<3”). You are amazing, have the best motivation and dedication, and just have the best way of wording everything in the most inspirational way possible.

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your blog. Without it, I would have been stuck at home basically loathing myself. You really inspired me to actually DO something about my weight. You’re an inspiration. Thank you

I’ve seen you get these praises all time, but at the risk of sounding repetitive, YOUR blog made me jump start my change in my body and life

I took the time to read all the way through your blog and honestly, I have never felt more inspired or more ready to take on this gigantic task. Your success is such an awesome, heartening fact, and I just really want to thank you for putting yourself out there for all of us, who are a little behind you in the race, to take your hard work and use it 🙂 You are beautiful and inspirational and I thank you.


I’ve been “trying” to lose the 30 pounds I’ve gained over the last three years. I say “trying” because in reality, I just beat myself up over it every day yet continue eating and not exercising. I’ll have one good day and then jump right back on the bad habit train that led me to this in the first place.

Reading your blog this morning, it’s like a light bulb went on in my head. I feel more motivated than ever before, I feel ready to make the healthier choices and decisions, and I feel ready to take control of my life again. Cheeseburger? No thanks. I’ll take a yummy grilled chicken salad instead. Spending the rest of the night in front of the TV? Sure! As long as I pair it with some crunches and jumping jacks.

Basically, THANK YOU. I finally feel the spark of inspiration and determination I’ve been looking for these past few years. And I have your blog to thank.

More success:

After reading your blog four months ago, I really started working out and fixing my diet. I weighed 233 then, and today I weigh 197. =) I’m still far from my goal, but I wouldn’t have even started without you.

YOU JUST INSPIRE ME! I discovered your blog about 20 mins ago and I already arranged a schedule with my run-buddy! I know that everybody is beautiful, but I felt trapped on my own body, like it’s a cage. This is not something about being “pretty” it’s about loving myself and feeling comfortable in my own skin. It’s not for them, it’s for me. I just “met” you half an hour ago and i feel you so close. Really, thanks for sharing yourself with us other future-happy-person fatsos.

You have the MOST inspirational blog I’ve ever read. Ever. It’s amazing, and you’re amazing for doing all of this! You’ve made me realize that the only thing holding me back is myself, which is just plain stupid. I want to lose weight more than anything, and yet I’M the one holding me back? Pfft. That’s going to change. Thank you so much for this amazing blog! It’s a real eye opener.

You are amazing and inspirational.  You by far have left the greatest effect on me of all weight loss blogs.  I have a movie to return to the store and I was about to get in my car and return it.  I am now about to get on my bike to go return it 🙂

I know everyone’s body is different but yours is the first “diet”, per se, that has been working for me. Girls should always feel good about themselves and your commitment and encouragement makes a lot of us feel better and determined about losing weight. Thank you <3

I absolutely LOVE reading your blog because it inspires me to work hard! You’re like the health and diet guru. I love your journey cuz it was so healthy and you had such a pretty mindset about it.   I’m so happy and grateful that there are people like you to encourage others healthily and happily in this online weightloss community.

You knew another success story was coming:

Okay so, I haven’t told any of my friends this because I’m doing it on my own, but I really wanted to tell you, because you are my favorite inspiration. I have lost 12 inches off my frame in the last 2 months!!! So many more people have been calling me beautiful lately, and I’m actually able to BELIEVE them now!! The truth is that all it took was me learning to love myself + a swift kick in the seat of the pants [by you, actually] and all of a sudden, my body is nearly to the place where I want it to be!! Thank you so much for the inspiration—even though we’ve never met, you have helped me a ton.

Well, more than one:

When i first found your blog 7 months ago, i was 135 pounds. Now, i am 113 lbs and i just wanted to say thank you so much for inspiring me, without your blog, i couldn’t have come this far.

I just wanted to say that i love your blog, it’s amazing. you’re a brilliant role model, and you make it seem do-able. it’s the most inspirational thing i’ve ever read

YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! it is so inspirational and is now my homepage! it has got me so inspired and i just want to get started RIGHT NOW! which i cant really do because its nighttime haha, im starting tommorow though(: ugh i am so thankful to have found your blog(: thankyou thankyou thankyou

Thank you so much. Reading everything on your blog has really given me the motivation I needed. I was feeling so down on myself for failing so many times, but you helped me realize that it’s more possible than I think it is. You are amazing.

The best thing about you is your humility. You reached your goal and still treat everyone just like another part of you. Congrats for your weight loss, you are one of my favorites.

you are basically my biggest motivation right now. of all the success stories i’ve seen, your blog seems the most real. good luck with everything in your life and i hope you always keep your blog around for me to follow

I hope the same, dear friend!

I just want to say you are truly inspirational and one of the best blogs I have come across (and I’ve come across alot). I will be checking this blog daily to help me on my way. I want to lose about 35 pounds and that seems like alot of weight to want to lose but looking at your blog and seeing that you’ve lost even more is so inspiring. It fuels a determination and a fire in me to lose this weight that I hate. I will do it

After I finally announced that I was going to write The Real You Is Skinny (it didn’t have its title yet):

I am genuinely so, SO happy that you’re writing a book. Honestly everything you’ve ever said on your blog has inspired me in some way.

Just a big THANK YOU for your site. Seriously so inspiring and I can relate to you in so many ways. I’ve gone and spent nearly the whole day reading about your journey. Thanks for all you’ve done!

thank you so much. the post you wrote about how it felt once you lost the weight was absolutely beautiful. it made my eyes water with sweet anticipation of what i can become. it filled me with the most immense type of INSPIRATION. I did not know what sort of motivation i was looking for, but you showed me. It was fantastic. it was positive yet the firm kind of push. Thank you so much. I cant thank you enough.

I decided to finally lose weight before my senior year of college, so I poked around and found your blog. It’s been so inspiring, and I want to thank you for your honesty, healthy tips and pics, and for maintaining realistic expectations. I’ve gone running 3 times this week because of you

I found your blog about ten months ago, and you were the reason that I started my weight loss journey. I’m 5’6″ and I went from 157lbs to about 124-128. I just wanted you to know that your blog was my motivation.


Dear friends:

I realize that it’s possible that I’m the only one who will ever read this page.  And I’m okay with that.

When I look at my life, my career, my reasons for getting out of bed in the morning, I’m so often tempted to find reasons to say, “Screw it all”.

But wonderful people like you remind me that I CAN have a positive influence on the world, one person at a time.  There is virtually no greater honor.  And you have honored me beyond my dreams.

Please be in touch.  Let me know what you need or want.  I will try, so hard, to provide it for you.

Love always,


You have this.

You have this.

PS – If you’re new to this website, you’re probably wondering, “Where the heck is all this inspirational writing that everybody’s talking about?”

It can’t be found online anymore (long story—but blame the “Fat Acceptance” crowd and their ability to persuade public websites to shut down healthy blogs like mine just because we don’t subscribe to the “overweight is just as healthy as any other weight” philosophy (propaganda, really).

However: if you’d like to read for yourself the stories, the heartfelt explanations, the advice, the revelations of what life as a skinny person is like when you’ve never before known it, you can.  It’s all contained in The Real You Is Skinny (the book), and it is SO much more than just stories and advice.  I promise you, you’ve read nothing like it.  If weight loss isn’t coming naturally to you, you probably should.

Don’t take my word for it.  You’ve just read 4,700 words from other people proclaiming it to be true.

They know, as do you, that the real you IS skinny.