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Will Donald Trump End Fat Acceptance?

Will The Donald beat Ronald McDonald?

Donald trump against obesity Pouffery or profundity?

In a world filled with fat apologists and even now skinny-shaming, Donald Trump, of all people, might be our brightest beacon of hope.

Love him or hate him, you surely have an opinion regarding The Donald.  He has soared in popularity, even though he was largely scorned before he threw his hat in the ring for President. I believe this is because he has been willing to say what so many others have been thinking but are afraid to say (thanks, “warriors” of the “social justice” kind).

Setting aside any argument regarding the best candidate for President, one has to be quite excited to see that there has been a certain reintroduction into our “politically correct” society of some actual discourse upon formerly taboo subjects.  I mean, I sure am buoyed by his willingness to “call a spade a spade”.

I have no idea whether Donald Trump has or hasn’t addressed the foolishness (as I see it) of the Health At Every Size (HAES) movement. I hope he does. Because that once formerly tenable movement has gone far past the point of sustainable suspension of disbelief. Obesity and overweight are, according to our own CDC, killing more Americans than is any other single cause. More than ANY other cause. 

They call it “Heart Disease”.  What they mean is [mostly fat] people who die of heart attacks.

Heart Disease is not a true “disease” as is cancer (the second leading cause of death). Cancer you just happen to become a victim of, somewhat randomly. The same cannot be said for overweight.  Sure, there’s a hereditary component, but your heart health is largely up to you, by way of your dietary and exercise choices.


Back to The Donald. He doesn’t care what Millennials or The Establishment or the aforementioned SJWs think. A ridiculously successful businessman, he seems to understand that it’s about results.  And he realizes that to obtain proper results, you have to risk hurting others’ feelings.

Results over feelings.  How about that?  Strange concept in a pampered society.

When it comes to weight, there is really only one truth: there is such a thing as a healthy weight.  And no, it does not include “every size”.   How you feel about this must, scientifically-speaking, take a back seat to how you, empirically, measure up to “healthy”.

What is this “healthy” weight?  Ask a Life Insurance Underwriter (or, better, an Actuary, who compiles the data to create the rates).  They deal in death.  Ask them, “How much younger do fatter people die, on average, than thinner people?”


If nothing else, I hope Trump’s popularity inspires you to stand up for the truth.  Others need to—and many even want to—know the truth.

Better yet, I hope it inspires you to cast aside the increasingly-louder-by-the-day chorus of fat people trying to solve their problems not by addressing the problem (the obesity) but by trying to rally support in celebration of it.  How insane is that?

Conclusion to the conclusion

I’m not a negative person.  I’ve helped inspire thousands to make healthful changes in their lives by being positive about making such changes (if you’re curious to learn how, click here to read the book that explains it all).  Even this post is written in the hope that it will inspire more to choose Health At an IDEAL Size.

Footnote to the conclusions

By the way, I wrote this before researching what Trump has to say about weight loss.  It’s actually really something!  Beware, it’s a little mean in one place, but it’s largely very, very common-sense.  You can read it here.

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4 Comments on Will Donald Trump End Fat Acceptance?

  1. Thank goodness for that. The coddling of the obese is going too far. They’ve become arrogant and complacent. Perhaps Donald Trump can do something about it.

    • “Coddling of the obese” … what a great way to put it! I’m all for … ALL FOR!!! … being kind and empathetic towards others. It’s the abandonment of objective truth that causes one to recoil in horror.

      Any thoughts on the latest developments?

  2. You do realise that your “research” as stated in your last paragraph is from a satirical newspaper, right? Not that I disagree with you, I think the plus-size acceptance movement is total bs, but I’m a believer in looking at the facts. If your health is being severely damaged by being overweight, don’t promote it as “healthy”. If your link to Donald Trump’s opinions are from an openly satirical newspaper, don’t call it “research”.

    But yeah, thanks for the candid opinions. And if Trump is EVER elected to a position of power, I kindly suggest fleeing your country ASAP.

    • Whoops! Thanks for catching that. I can tell from re-reading this article, by the inferiority of my writing, that I had been into the wine when I published it. Yes, I’m embarrassed….also, it’s ironic that Trump is so brash at times that the satire was believable (in my not-100% there state, at least).

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