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What do YOU want to see on this site?

There is SOOOO much to write about, and so little time in each day to get it onto this site.

Thus, it’s time to ask for your help.

Please, think about what interests you most, what you most want to see on this site.  Please take a look at the following lists, pick the things you would most like to see, then about what’s missing, and leave your comments below.

In no particular order:


  • Interviews with inspiring / successful people
  • Dialogues / debates with people with opposing views
  • Reports from people whose jobs keep them healthy
  • Book / video reviews
  • Blog reviews


  • Contests!
  • Surveys / polls
  • Readers’ stories
  • Guest posts on the subject of  ___________ (please fill in the blank)
  • Anonymous confessions

Diet &Nutrition

  • Tips for getting more _____ in your diet / making ________ more enjoyable
  • How much food is right for weight loss? Weight maintenance?
  • What kinds of foods should you embrace / avoid / treat with caution?
  • Common food and drink myths / foods that you thought were good for you but might actually be ruining your progress
  • Specific tips for food in __________ situation (such as holidays / work / school / home / away / times of day / with certain people)
  • Philosophies such as mindfulness, intuitive eating, intermittent fasting, vegetarianism, or … ?
  • What the food fads over the years have taught us today
  • VLCDs: Very Low-Calorie Diets for serious weight loss situations
  • Hunger: how to fight it / use it / recognize if it’s real
  • How to make ordinary drinks delicious without adding calories
  • How to order in restaurants
  • Easy recipes for tasty meals and snacks

Fitness &Exercise

  • Cardio vs. weight training vs. sports vs. natural body-weight exercises
  • Exercise in _________ conditions (weather / schedule / injury / whatever you can think of)
  • Various cardio (or other category) exercises compared and contrasted
  • Exercise when traveling
  • To gym or not to gym?
  • Great home workouts that don’t require weights or machines
  • How to lose belly fat (or from wherever)
  • Exercise myths / cliches / methods of dubious value
  • Body sculpting: the search for abs / butt / arms / chest / you name it

Issues of the Heart and Mind

  • Inspirational photos / videos
  • Motivation when ______________
  • Others’ influence on your health and happiness
  • Discouragement in ___________ situations
  • Unhealthy obsessions and eating disorders
  • Success stories / Before & Afters
  • Keeping it real


  • Body Positivity / Fat Acceptance / Heath At Every Size / Big is Beautiful
  • Media portrayals of beauty, plus-size models, overly skinny models
  • Abercrombie / Gap / Victoria’s Secret / __________ company’s practices
  • “Social Justice” / buzzwords (e.g. “Thin Privilege”) / censorship
  • Slender vs. plump through the centuries
  • What do men mean when they say they prefer “curvy” women?

Gear, Clothes & Swag

  • Workout clothes
  • Workout clothes for various weather or terrain conditions
  • Home exercise equipment
  • Fitness programs for purchase
  • Body products
  • Fashion (just kidding, that would require a blog of its own … but there’s no reason we can’t try a little)
  • Solutions to issues (e.g. chafing, overheating, changing at work, hair, dehydration)
  • Electronic devices  (e.g. wireless bracelets, heart rate monitors, phone apps, headphones or earbuds, safety devices, lighting, blood pressure monitors, bathroom scales)

Hard to Categorize

  • Pregnancy
  • Music to work out to
  • Health issues to pay attention to at  _____ years of age / _____ stage in life

Professional Weight-Loss Coaching

  • Free survey to gauge your need to—and potential to—lose weight
  • Thorough survey to create a personalized weight-loss plan (from a trained expert)
  • Daily / Weekly / Bi-weekly personal weight-loss coaching and accountability

As you can see, there are so many things we can cover, directions to take, projects to plan and accomplish … it will take several months just to cover everything—and that’s just the beginning, and it doesn’t include YOUR ideas!

So, please: take just a moment to comment below, on any or all of the following:

  1. Do you have a Top Ten list of favorites from above?
  2. What’s missing that you would like to see?
  3. What do you think YOU might like to contribute?
  4. How ya doin’? (Your invitation to mention anything else)

Thank you so much!

Photo credit: Paul Townsend, No changes made. Used with permission.
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8 Comments on What do YOU want to see on this site?

  1. Recipes are my specialty — I’d love to create some healthy recipes for this site!

  2. That sounds wonderful! Can you compile some into a short (or long, if you like) article?

  3. Stacy a.k.a shopgirl // October 3, 2015 at 2:27 pm // Reply

    I”m really excited over the variety of topics you’ve listed above! From the serious to the fun, that list seems pretty comprehensive!! Fav’s I’m really looking forward to are
    -how to deal with certain people/ social situations that impede progress
    -workout music and gear
    -food/ drink tips
    -musings on society
    -book reviews ( I loved your “Top 100” ish)
    I’d love to contribute!!
    Hey Alyssa in your expert opinion-with all you have learned- is it harder to lose weight as you get older? If that’s a long answer, maybe it could be a future post:)

    • Thank you, Stacy, for your input! It definitely helps.

      I started writing a brief response and, well, you know, I can’t write anything brief. Check out the next new post for my thoughts on the subject. =8-D

  4. Love the idea of contests, and your suggestions under diet and controversy. I’d love something on losing the last 10# there’s lots of stories out there about people who have lost a large amount of weight and while that’s great to see, losing the last 10 can be a real struggle as well 🙂

    • Oooh that is a good one! Some would say “above my pay grade” haha. That said, I think it comes down to conviction. Can I assume you’ve read my book? In a couple of spots I address the difficulty of staying motivated when you no longer need to lose the weight as badly as you before did.

      I’ll definitely be thinking about this, and if I can come up with any meaningful input, I’ll let you know.

      Does anyone else have advice for Leigh?

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