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Were Curvy Women Formerly the Ideal? Let’s Watch a 1956 Film on the Subject

1950s women ideal figure 1956 idea of ideal "dames"

Much has been said about how wrong it is, and how recent it is, for skinny women to be the ideal. Millions of envious SJWs, for example, would decry this model as so skinny that she’s evil:


Hot Russian Teen

Evil skinny girl who refuses to become as obese as her detractors


But through the magic of YouTube, again, I found an old film that shows us what the young men of the 50s found attractive. The FIFTIES, I tell you! Back when “real women” with “curves” were supposed to be the ideal. Sure. Check out the curves on these “dames” that the young men in the Air Force were into:

1950s women ideal figure

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see a single “curve” in this picture, unless it’s a soft bosom line or a healthy-looking thigh.

Ignore the propaganda. The real you is skinny. The best you is skinny. “Curvy” is a lie.




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