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Was my Old Blog a Pro Ana Website? These Pictures Provide the Answer

I should have known I had a ban coming, I mean look at these photos!

Skinny blonde woman with ribs and spine Source: Just kidding! It's the Daily Mail

Pro ana websites, short for “pro anorexia” websites, are tragic places.  If you’ve read my book, you know I stumbled upon quite a few before beginning my own weight loss journey to healthy, happy, and hot (well, at least the first two out of three).  In fact, I even mention in my book how some of these obviously unhealthy girls on such sites caught my attention and made me question my own overweight situation as something I didn’t need to stay stuck in.  These girls were constantly hungry.  I had never tried hungry.  Maybe I should….

The Madness Begins

I did.  And I was soon swallowed up in a black hole of vanity, despair, mental illness, and near-death.  Just look at this content, and ask yourself, “Should we delete her account to save others?”

Skinny woman showing ribs and spine

Alarmingly skinny! Credit: Photographer Anouk Morgan

Cute young blonde in bikini needs to put on weight

My idea of not skinny enough … just ask the altruistic SJWs who got my blog shut down

Stop the Madness!  And the Presses!

“Off with her head!” they shouted, hands pressed hard against their ears, “Give us Barabbas!”  And like that, without warning, my tumblr account was terminated, never again to destroy another happily chubby reader and deprive her of her innocence.  No longer could I poison minds with such revolting pictures of unhealthy women like these:

Hot women on magazine covers

Evil celebration of unobtainable and unhealthy levels of skinny brought to you by my dark and sinister corner of the internet that harms innocent girls who don’t realize that these women are one skipped meal away from death.

Oh, crap, wait a minute!  Wrong photo.  This was actually a picture I took at the airport newsstand when my tumblr was gaining hundreds of followers per week.  I wanted to document how pleased I was that the mainstream magazine were finally coming to the Dark Side where I resided.  Just look at how deathly ill these cover models were!

I was rubbing my evil witch’s hands with gleeful malevolence when I saw that one of the world’s biggest and trendiest companies had also fallen prey to my brainwashing operation, and had even made a propaganda video to celebrate the eating-disordered lifestyle in this commercial for the latest iPhone:

Skinny cute babe uses iPhone to fix jewelry.

How dare Apple show her unhealthy, too-skinny face and body!?! Cover that skeleton up, Eating Disorder Enablers of Apple! Oh, never mind, SJWs love Apple. Free pass!

But all that was pretty tame. The REALLY horrifying, hell-breathed anorexic-inspiring materials were on my blog.  Here’s the archive of what I was posting at the same time the above was happening at the mainstream level:

Beautiful girls in bikinis and lingerie

The most recent posts on my tumblr account at the time the newsstand photo was taken.

As Always, There’s a Catch

I’m snarky and sarcastic when it comes to my treatment at the hands of the Social Justice Wankers Whiners Warriors because they deserve to be scorned. Obviously, the advice and pictures I posted were no worse than the most mainstream, health-positive images we see and accept every day.  For the record, I was trolling you above–I never posted the above black & white pics on my blog, and the third one I posted as a WARNING of skinny gone too far.

I’ve always been about healthy weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.  I was just ahead of my time, and I was an early sacrifice to the god of Social Justice when it peaked in 2013.  Crazy thing is, by that time, I had come even farther along in my embracing of HEALTHY weights and methods, which I preached both on my website and in my book. Here’s a screenshot of my archive immediately before I was burnt at the stake:

Most of these have comparable, if not greater, levels of body fat to the magazine models!

Most of these have comparable, if not greater, levels of body fat to the magazine models!

But I was labeled a heretic because I refused to yield in three things:

  1. Fat Acceptance is an unhealthy, unhealthful, and delusional mindset for almost all people
  2. 1200 calories per day (1800 for men) is NOT the minimum healthful intake for weight loss, if foods are wisely chosen
  3. The “slender” side of a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) is the more desirable side for most people

In Closing

What was my point in writing this piece?  Well, honestly it was to find a use for that picture I took years ago of the magazine covers, which I forgot to post to my original blog.  It’s also to vent a little.

Most of the people reading this are already familiar with my work.  If you are not, I invite you to see for yourself how I transformed from fat, awkward, and filled with despair to healthy, skinny, and brimming with newfound confidence by checking out my story at Amazon HERE.


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2 Comments on Was my Old Blog a Pro Ana Website? These Pictures Provide the Answer

  1. Hi Alyssa–
    I just started reading your book. I am having major trouble with ignoring hHw5unger pains. Each morning I wake up and think today I will be stronger , but by afternoon I give in. And then again later at night. I’m not starving myself, just trying to cut down on calories sensibly and make better food choices. How did you not cave those first few weeks when it was so hard?
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Susan, and thank you so much for reading! How are things going now? It’s 10 days since you asked (sorry I wasn’t online!).

    I think the way to deal with hunger is to EAT A LITTLE! Try to make it a healthful snack, like a piece of fruit, a boiled egg, a 100-calorie pack of almonds, perhaps dipping cucumber slices into hummus, even a low-calorie microwave dinner if you need to fill up a fair amount of space in your stomach. Also, a salad that’s heavy on the vegetables but light on the cheese, fat, nuts, and other higher-calorie items will fill you up and provide you with a tons of nutrients that your body craves (psst!…it makes going to the bathroom more pleasant, too!).

    How did I not cave? It was the instant results on the scale, and in the fit of my clothes, that made me want to keep on doing what I was doing.

    Be aware, however, that if you’re so hungry you feel sick, or lightheaded, or dizzy, or too cold, or anything else unusual that may be caused by your change in diet, PLEASE don’t ignore that kind of hunger. That’s not just an appetite, that’s the real thing, and it’s your body’s way of saying it’s time to put a little more fuel in the tank.

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