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This Silly Game of Cat and Mouse

Spam: Not great for weight loss, not great for websites


Hi there!

Spammers have been infiltrating this site like unwelcome mice, so it’s time the cat came back to clean house.

I deleted about 150 “subscribers” who plainly were here just to spam links to other sites having nothing to do with weight loss (unless porn is the new weight loss).  I went strictly by email addresses in choosing who to ban, SOOOOO, if you are not a spammer but instead a faithful friend, and your account got terminated, I’m SO sorry!  Please feel free to register again and reply to this article with your username, and I’ll make sure you avoid future accidental termination.

Thanks for your help and support!

PS – the picture for this article is here purely for my and your amusement.  I have to confess, though–I had never noticed that  about the world map until I saw this!

In case the image is cut off in your viewer, here’s the whole thing:



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Author of The Real You Is Skinny (the cult weight-loss book) and several professional publications which have been well received but would bore you to death, Alyssa Dahl loves writing about health and weight loss. Since writing TRYIS, she certified as a Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and decided that this website needed to happen. She also occasionally says silly things on Twitter (@AlyssaMDahl) and loves to answer questions and comments---so please leave one below!
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