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The Real Me is … Scared

Looking for Demotivational Quotes? Look no further.

Pre-workout stretch We soldier on because the opposite is unthinkable

I’ve been on the fence with this website, wondering how personal I should make it.  My vision is that it will become an authority site, and also an alternative to the mainstream media which seems to exist only to make money by manufacturing malcontent.  I’ve wanted to keep it strictly on topic.

Thing is, that’s not how I’ve resonated with my readers.  Even though I don’t like talking about myself, others seem to benefit more from that than from most other things I offer.

So here are a few thoughts I’ve been having lately.  Please click on another link (try those at the top of the page; I spent many hours trying to make them useful) if you want to read something with value.  Otherwise: hi there, friend.

It’s been a tough week month year few years. I’ve poured my heart into many projects, people, and palindromes (just kidding about the last one; I merely couldn’t think of a better word to complete the alliteration).  This has come at a profound personal cost.  I’ve yet to see the profundity of the benefits.

I feel horrible saying so, because I know I have deeply touched many people’s lives with my writing, and a great number of people have taken the time to write to me, or tell me personally, how much they appreciate what I’ve shared, and how I’ve changed their lives for the better.  But, truth be told, most of them haven’t bothered to leave a review for my book, to comment on this site, or even to click the “Like” button on my personal Facebook page when I say something they agree with.  I mean, when they tell me at loud cocktail parties where they cannot be overheard that they love what I’ve shared, it gives me a huge boost, puts wind in my sails, and reminds me that the pain has all been worthwhile … but when they’re unwilling to come to my defense in public, when our enemies are having no problem ganging up on me and tearing me down without even considering the merits, nor the humility, of my reasoning, well … it gets lonely.


Just me, telling what I believe to be the truth, trying to help others find the same, trying to bring substance to a vacuous, one-sided “debate” whose outcome has been predetermined by the demagogues of debauchery and the valkyries of vilification….

Why do I bother?

I’m broke.  Highly educated, some would even say talented, but broke.  And disheartened.  All I would have to do would be to take the Blue Pill, and everything would be fine.  I’d fall in line, gain others’ applause (even though it’s rooted in contempt), become one of “us”.  I could receive my big paycheck, pay my big mortgage (or, here in Southern California, my big rent), swallow my big lies, enjoy the satisfaction from feeling my increasingly bigger head swell with pride.  Embrace my bigger, fatter body as “Healthy At Every Size, you hateful fuckers!” and not even be bothered by the irony of that statement.

Tumblr would love meJezebel would promote my book (the new one, of course, called “The Real You Is Whatever Is Easiest For You To Justify”).  Professors of Literary Criticism would uncritically embrace my insincere logorrhea.

I once wrote this and meant it:

I’ve … recognized that attitude is THE most important thing. What was it that spurred me on in the beginning? What provoked me to embrace something which I knew would be incredibly hard, something at which I had always before failed? It was a positive attitude of hope. Hope that maybe, just maybe, I could actually do it this time. I was in love with the idea of discovering the awesomeness of getting skinny, rather than merely hating my fat.

And therein lies the answer. We must stay POSITIVE about weight loss.

Think about it: if you’re being negative about anything, it doesn’t lift you up, it drags you down. Being negative about fat puts you in a place where your strongest temptations are harmful ones. In such moments, we’re tempted to binge, to starve, to purge, to cut, or what have you. Yet none of us is tempted to do any of these when our minds are in sunny and cheerful places.

I still believe this.  Truth doesn’t change.

But I’m having a hard time finding the sunshine and the cheer.


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Author of The Real You Is Skinny (the cult weight-loss book) and several professional publications which have been well received but would bore you to death, Alyssa Dahl loves writing about health and weight loss. Since writing TRYIS, she certified as a Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and decided that this website needed to happen. She also occasionally says silly things on Twitter (@AlyssaMDahl) and loves to answer questions and comments---so please leave one below!
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8 Comments on The Real Me is … Scared

  1. Alyssa, so sorry you are feeling lonely! I know that I (and probably many others) frequently check this space for new articles, and love reading whatever you post. It’s always helpful to know you’re there on the other side of this journey.

    As someone who’s never really achieved weight loss success (well, ok that’s not entirely true, but never reached what I considered my ultimate goal weight and body), reading this post is a good reminder that skinny doesn’t equate to happy all the time, it’s not some magic pill that fixes everything. And like anything worthwhile, it’s hard, and requires constant commitment.

    Thank you for showing us your real thoughts on all of this stuff. We’re here for you (even the silent majority who doesn’t comment)! I have full faith that you’ll come through this hard time in your life — we all know that you have the tools to battle through the toughest struggles.

  2. Awwwww, hang in the girl! I didn’t even know you had a FB page for this. Truth be told, I didn’t even know if Alyssa was your real name 🙂 can you post the link to FB? I think sometimes people are embarrassed about liking a skinny page because they are not skinny yet themselves and fear mockery.

  3. Your responses mean more to me than I can express. TY so much. Really.

  4. Sorry you’re discouraged and broke (I live in the Silion Valley, I feel ya). I wanted to let you know I just bought your book today and so far I love it. I’ll post a review once I’ve finished, but I like it plenty already! F*** the haters. I tried the whole “fat acceptance” thing. Maybe it works for some folks, but I was sick of pretending I liked my fat rolls and higher risk of heart disease. Why isn’t chronic-overeating just as frowned upon as anorexia? I don’t care anymore if it’s PC – I wanna be skinny! And yeah, I’m going to post pictures of my tiny waist and skinny legs like CRAZY when I reach my goal weight, and I will bask in the haters accusations that I’m suffering from an eating disorder based on nothing but a photo.

    So thank you for writing the book I wanted to read. Popularity isn’t everything.

  5. I love your book. It speaks to me in a way I’ve never experienced.. And I have read a lot of books! I have it on my kindle and now in paperback. I thank you so much for this literature…!!!!! More people need this.

  6. I loved your book. It inspired me to stop overeating, and start exercising again. I am 57 yrs old and a bit set in my ways, but I have already lost 16 lbs, and only 12 more to go. Thank you for sharing your story!

    • Mary, this is beautiful. I am SO happy for you! And I’m also so happy that you chose to comment here, on this page, knowing that it would be meaningful to me.

      Are you up for adoption, by any chance?


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