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Water equals weight loss --- in more ways than you know

Swim for Health

I was relaxing in the outdoor hot tub this morning, enjoying the blue skies and empty swimming pool, when it hit me:

Yes, drink it. But also slosh through it. Thousands of people who have gone before you would say the same. The Real You Is Skinny!

Hey, fatso, remember when you used to swim a couple of times each week before class?

Remember when you wrote about how awesome it was?

And how, later, you lamented that you no longer had the opportunity to swim in the mornings?

Guess what, buttercup: you once again have a pool at your disposal.  Better yet, you’re the only one here.  No matter how crappy your stroke is, nobody will judge.

All they will do is sneak a few admiring glances, wishing they were as fit as you, as if it your fitness is some kind of magic.


What keeps you from bringing the magic?

I’m back.

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  1. Hooray!!!! I missed you!!!

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