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So … nobody got the joke?

The Thigh Gap article made me chuckle all weekend, due to how absurdly and obviously ridiculous satire it is.


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5 Comments on So … nobody got the joke?

  1. I thought it was funny! Seriously tho, not sure why all of a sudden society views that as a beauty standard. I can think of a lot of things I would care about before achieving a thigh gap lol. What guy even notices something like that on a girl?

    • Okay good 🙂 Thanks for the support. Strange thing is, I usually don’t even notice thigh gap on someone until someone comments on it. This desire to be perfect (and, when you think about it, envied) that so many of us have (or battle) is such a negative place to spend our energy.

  2. OMG I feel like such a blonde!!! I was worried there for a minute!!
    Is that actually an article somebody wrote that you found and posted? Some of that “advice” was crazy!

    • Haha I’m glad it almost worked, but sorry that you were the victim! I figured that anyone who knows my philosophy on health would know instantly that I was joking. (Also, my secret hope was/is that somebody is going to read it, think I’m serious, then post it in disgust somewhere else, drawing new people to this site).

      As for this article’s content: The 3 “Diets” are all things I saw elsewhere, along with “Thigh Gap Hacks” numbers 2 through 5 (but not the reasoning behind them) and the “train insane” motto (but not arm-wrestling etc. LOL!).

      Everything else I purposefully concocted to be plausibly ridiculous but hilarious to people who get the joke (light bending around your thighs?!?). I know there’s not much humor in my book (I’m pretty sure the funniest part was realizing that I had cheekbones, not chubby cheeks haha), but my usual, everyday preference is to make people laugh.

      Yours in health, humility, and now humor,

      Alyssa “Nothing but sky between those thighs” Dahl 😉

  3. Alyssa! I think you should take it down. Lol. I started wondering if I needed to stop reading this website!! Especially when it started getting pro Ana

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