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Skinny: A Poem

Is "skinny" a valid goal?

Beautiful Morning Sky with Clouds

Struggling through the topsy-turvy emotional roller-coaster  that attended my journey from fat to thin, I found myself wondering, “Does getting ‘skinny’ even matter?”

I wrote this poem as a response.

Wait, that’s not true.  This poem surfaced as a response.

It’s the only thing I’ve written that I don’t think needs improvement.




getting skinny won’t make me






getting skinny won’t get me

truer friends

bluer eyes

higher grades

closer to God


getting skinny won’t change the

kindness in my heart

daydreams in my head

talent in my hands

balance in my account


getting skinny won’t fix my

remorse over the past

problems in the present

fears about the future

family in any way, ever


getting skinny won’t bring

success to my career

meaning to my life

substance to my relationships

contentment to my soul


getting skinny won’t cause others to

hearken to what I say

respect the stand I take

appreciate the pain I’ve known

love me for who I am




getting skinny will add years to my life and life to my years

getting skinny will put a song on my lips and a spring in my step

getting skinny will mean I vanquished the foe I never imagined I could defeat

and became the person I never dreamt I could be


that is enough for me


Your thoughts, shared below, are precious and welcome.

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2 Comments on Skinny: A Poem

  1. Lovely!! So excited to see the site up and running and just getting my bearings…. Do you have a place to leave private comments by chance?

  2. Hi and welcome, friend!

    Private comments on site aren’t yet a thing, but emails to spelled out) will be kept private <3

    PS: I'll look into this private comment / private message thing ASAP

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