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Remembering Siarra Culbertson

Siarra Culbertson: the social media starling who left us too soon Siarra, we barely knew you

When I joined tumblr, almost a decade ago and before the site was turned into a book-burning club, two girls appearing regularly in my feed were Mariko A. [marikooo] and Siarra C. [bird-b0nes]. Each was an inspiration to all of us: they were sassy, sexy–and more importantly to some of us–skinny. Each was also a friend to the other and they enjoyed sharing a lively banter online. To me, they were heroes and inspirations.

Siarra was polarizing. She was the Yang to Mariko’s Yin. As someone who usually comes across Yin (“Yin energy is calm, wet, cooling and female”), I shared a streak of Siarra’s Yang (“hot, fast, dry and male”–thanks to for both definitions).  She was beautiful, but I kinda wanted to hate her for being so effortlessly slender–except it wasn’t effortless. She worked hard for the results she enjoyed. Some mocked her for hula-hooping–but nobody denied she had amazing abs.

I also wanted to hate her for being so breezily obnoxious to her followers.  At the same time, I admired her for sticking to her guns (see my own example here).

But I never could bring myself to hate her. She was too free a spirit to merit hate. Too fascinating. Too cheerful. Too Siarra. I loved her.

She’s gone now.

Cherish every moment. Bury that hatchet. Appreciate the beauty in your life, no matter what form it takes. So long, Siarra.

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