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Reality Kings vs. Reality Princess

Anti feminist propaganda Hot. Unless you tell others that it's okay to want to look like this, in which case, you're banned. Credit:

Free pictures of hot naked girls!!!

Sort of.

The top search engine term starting with “reality” is “reality kings”.  By “top”, I mean “reality kings” has almost half a million monthly Google searches; the term “reality” alone has only about 30k.  This bothers me.

Reality Kings is, apparently (I am not interested in doing the in-depth research) a huge porn site.  The fact that adding “kings” to the word “reality” increases the number of searches sixteen-fold is a bit of an indictment upon society.

It’s curious to me that I built my social media presence by re-posting pictures of slender clothed  women.  RK has done the same, minus the clothing.  They are rewarded; I am reviled.

It doesn’t matter.  I say what I want to say.  Call me a reality princess.

Let’s get together and feel alright.

The reason I was looking up the term “reality” is because I have been noticing that it’s very difficult for me to write posts for this site based on things other than [my] reality.  I try to come up with well-researched posts based on others’ experience, but in the the end I realize that all I have to offer are my own experiences. augmented by some small commentary based on readings of others’ successes.

In other words: I just have to be me.

When I created this website, it was after reading a lot about “how to create a website”.  This is the opposite of how I began writing, over five years ago, about my struggles and successes with weight loss.  Then, I just said what was on my mind.  For some reason, it resonated with readers; by the time the evil powers that be at decided that my positive message of “hey, fat friend, you don’t have to be fat!” was too offensive for SJWs’ twitchily-triggered tastes, I had 20,000 of them.

None of that was planned; it was organic.  Hence, starting today, I’m going to write about what I feel like writing.  No more trying to make this blog look a certain way based upon what I or others think it “should” look like.

Sorry / you’re welcome,


PS – There will be no naked girls, or boys.  Instead, enjoy inspiring pictures of slender models reminding us what we can obtain if we are willing.

Anti feminist propaganda

Hot. Unless you tell others that it’s okay to want to look like this, in which case, you’re banned. Credit:

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3 Comments on Reality Kings vs. Reality Princess

  1. Halle-freakin’-llujah!!!!!! I’ve missed hearing YOUR voice, specifically!!! The internet’s full of nicely packaged articles on health and weight loss- I come here to hear your unique voice and experience! It’s your thoughts and take on things and personal success that inspired people- we’re ready to hear more here!😀

  2. Come back to us!

  3. Come back to us!

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