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35 Photos that Prove Real Women Have Curves!

The question is: What do those curves look like?

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Curvy women are sexy women, and women with curves are the most desired women. End of story!

Just kidding.  We’re all beautiful in some way or another, and hopefully everybody who reads this is beautiful on the inside, which is, of course, what matters most.

Regardless, from this point on, in this article we’re shedding all pretenses of caring about abstract philosophy, moral platitudes, or political correctness.  Today, using our highly scientific battery of images, you are going to decide for yourself how curvy woman compare, in terms of pure feminine attractiveness, to other women.

Just one note before we bring out our parade of extremely diverse (curvy-wise) models.  Have you heard that psychological tests prove that slender women are less attractive than curvy women?  If so, pay close attention, because you’re going to see this phenomenon before your own eyes, in the following pages, as you perform a psychological experiment of your own.

Let the Curves Begin!


Slide 1

Picture the “ideal” sexy shape for a woman.  Which of the following six pictures comes closest to the image in your mind? NOTE: PLEASE do NOT second-guess this or any other answer.  You MUST go with your initial, instinctual choice, or you may taint your own results.








Remember, no second-guessing!

Remember, no second-guessing!

So, which did you choose?  Please keep track of each of your answers, and leave your results in the comments!  And please remember: each of these women is sexy in her own way.


Slide 2

No matter which of the above shapes you chose, it doesn’t matter; you were being trolled. Try again, this time with a few more options.  Which is closest to your preconceived ideal?




Does any of the new options affect your answer?

Does any of the new options affect your answer?


The three additions all have pronounced curves, but obviously wouldn’t describe themselves on their dating profiles as “Curvy”.

Anyhow, we’ll talk about what “curvy” means in a moment.  Meanwhile, try again.

Slide 3

Pick your [instinctual] favorite from among these six:







Disgusting lack of curves vs. glorious curviness?

Disgusting lack of curves vs. glorious curviness?

Curiously, the non-curvy women are popular actresses or, in the middle, a supermodel.  But according to the “Real Women Have Curves” crowd, they aren’t real.  Bummer for them!

Slide 4

Impressively credentialed as the above women on the left are, and as generously curvy as the women on the right are, they ALL suffer once truly “curvy” women are introduced into the mix:





From left to right: Baby Bear, Papa Bear, Mama Bear?

From left to right: Baby Bear, Papa Bear, Mama Bear?


“Dahl,” you say, “you’re being ridiculous.  These pictures don’t prove anything.  It’s not just the waist-to-hip ratio that makes a woman sexy, it’s the whole, curvy package.”

In that case, let’s introduce another set where the choices aren’t quite so cut-and-dried, and you really do have to look at the whole package.

Slide 5

One more time for fairness’ sake, with less obvious examples:







1 Curvy 3a


The decision becomes tougher, don’t you think?  Is any of these examples a clear example of feminine beauty?


Slide 6

As always, let’s send in the cavalry. Go ahead now, pick your favorite sexy woman:







1 Curvy 3c

Please be honest: out of these nine examples, did you choose, without over-thinking it or drawing upon what you thought the “correct” answer was supposed to be, one of the “curvy” women in the middle column as sexiest?

Actually, you should have.  Those three are the only women in the photo slide.

Remember, you were told to consider the whole “package”….

That’s right. In this photoset, EVERY “woman” on the left and right columns is actually a transvestite or transsexual male, including that gorgeous example in black and white.


Considering What We’ve Just Seen

If you haven’t had it happen yet, you will: someone is going to show you a picture very similar to the following, and you will be expected to pick the most attractive form among them:

NOT varying degrees of fat but of WHR

You are then offered “proof” that men, in general, find the skinny women less attractive than some of their Curvier Counterparts.

But you, having just seen 27 real comparisons of curveless women to overweight women to truly curvy women, aren’t going to fall for it.  Especially if they use tables like these:


Professor: “Studies show that men and women alike choose the overweight figure on the bottom left as sexier than the underweight figure on the top right, thereby proving that Big really is is Beautiful!”

You: “Actually, all this study shows is that an hourglass figure is a powerfully attractive form of curviness, surpassing even thinness when the thinness is unaccompanied by curves.  Even men, when they have proper hourglass curves (and sometimes when they don’t!) can look sexy compared to women with high Waist-to-Hip Ratios.

“Curvy” does not mean “fat”.  “Skinny” does not mean “unattractive”.  Skinny and curvy are not mutually exclusive.

They are, however, mutually exquisite.

Some would have you believe that these women aren't attractive. Run away from such people.

Some would have you believe that these women aren’t attractive. Run away from such people.


You either have a bone structure that permits an hourglass figure, or you don’t.  Forget about it, either way.

You will be at your sexiest if you are comfy in your skin and you are at a healthy weight.  If you’ve achieved washboard abs but have become an emotional wreck to obtain them, you’re not comfy in your skin.  On the other hand, if you have forced yourself to “accept” how “positive” it is to be fat, you’re likely not healthy.

Does “sexy” even matter?  It’s hard to say.  But being happy about achieving a healthy weight is a wonderful thing that will benefit your life and the lives of others.  I know from experience, and I recommend it as your goal.

Just don’t let the “experts” screw it up for you.


NOTE: is a healing place.  This article is offered as a tool to help people counter certain untruths that have made alarming progress against both science and common sense in recent years.  If you have been offended by anything in this article, please be aware that it is offered with love in the spirit of engendering honest discussion and embracing healthful truths, and not to attack anybody or to assert that its author is superior to others.  Only those who are willing to respond in kind are welcome here.

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