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Readers Speak Up about The Real You Is Skinny

Friends: I’m really embarrassed.  I know this looks like shameless self-promotion.

It’s not.

Rather, it’s a solemn, even teary-eyed moment of reflection.  Compiling this list of comments I received about my writings, ALL of which I received even before I wrote my book, has been such a humbling experience.  I actually did not realize that so many people were so affected by my story and by my advice—until I combed through some old archives of questions people asked me on my old blog.

I don’t know why God put in my heart the desire to write about what I was going through when I was going through it.  I never intended to turn it into something, I was merely trying to stay accountable to my online friends so I could receive some encouragement when I was struggling.

Instead, it turned into something of a phenomenon.

Please see for yourself what others, not one of whom was asked to compliment me, voluntarily shared about how I was able to help them.

Put your reading glasses on.  There’s a lot:

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