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Reader Mailbag: Discussion Forums, Personal Trainers, Goals, Diet, Meat, Cardio

A grab bag of goodies!

Got a note from a sweet reader in Norway.  My responses are in between paragraphs 🙂

Hi there 🙂 I was following you for a long time before and read and reread your book so many times.  So incredibly grateful that you had the strength to do it, I imagine so much backlash from people that do not want to hear it.

Anyway, do you have a regular forum where you keep in touch with people who have read your book and keep at it?

No, not really.  I added one to this website in the beginning, but it make the website slow to load, and people weren’t really using it.  I don’t have much of an online presence anymore, because of the “backlash” I suffered when tumblr deleted my account and I lost all my followers.

Question for YOU [All readers are encouraged to comment!]: do you have any ideas where I could start a forum?  Do you know of any good free websites?

I went backwards often because I always ended up getting a trainer.  I was doing so well at my 5’5 and 120 lbs but then I majorly ballooned up to 145 because they had me eat so much…. I feel like they forgot I have a desk job.  Before then I was 106 lbs and felt amazing.

145lbs isn’t that bad on 5’5″.  Try not to be upset about the weight, but instead try to remember how happy you were at 106, and let that happiness motivate you, not the despair.

And yeah, trainers irritate me, too!

I know your method is scientifically accurate (dietetic student); and I really want to do it.  I feel terrified, like so many others I am sure.

You know what’s crazy, after I went through everything and wrote the book, I got my certificate as a Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner, and in the course I was thrilled to learn many times that my way was (accidentally) mostly the right way!  Thank you for the confirmation! =8-D

The other thing is I don’t eat meat or dairy. 🙁 do you think equal success can come without animal products?

I do believe great success can come without these.  I know enough skinny vegetarians that I feel like it must work!  I just don’t have any personal experience.  I believe that attitude and perseverance will work, so long as you never give up!

I am so motivated by peoples sent in thinspo pics and I feel happy to follow through with everything you recommend.  I can’t seem to bring myself to do running though.  I feel enormous and it’s so hard!

Can you swim instead?  It’s just as good of a workout.  Surely where you live there are indoor pools that you can go to, no?   If you can’t or don’t want to swim, you really should find something that gets you breathing heavily.  Slow stretches, yoga, weightlifting, aren’t enough for most people to burn fat.  Even skipping rope for 10 minutes a day should provide good results (and give you amazing calf muscles!).


Okay fans, that’s it for today.  Feel free to ask your own questions in the comments section.  Ha det bra!*

*Norwegian farewell, roughly equivalent to “Take care!”

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