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That’s right, you can no longer say that you haven’t heard a peep from me!

Life’s been tough again, and work has been draining my will to live.  Well, not literally, but figuratively enough that it’s literally almost literal, except for the hyperbolical nature of the literature.

I’ve taken some steps to regain a little work/life balance.  Less work, more life, we’ll see how long it lasts.

That said: Hi there!  I have no idea what to write about!  Any suggestions are welcome.  Especially if YOU have a story to share!  Please be in touch.

Yours always, if not always regularly,

AMD <333

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Author of The Real You Is Skinny (the cult weight-loss book) and several professional publications which have been well received but would bore you to death, Alyssa Dahl loves writing about health and weight loss. Since writing TRYIS, she certified as a Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and decided that this website needed to happen. She also occasionally says silly things on Twitter (@AlyssaMDahl) and loves to answer questions and comments---so please leave one below!
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2 Comments on Peep!

  1. Hi Alyssa– How can Ivey a copy of your free diet plan that you mentioned on this site?

    Thank you!

  2. Uh oh…I totally forgot about that! Was it on a post or a page that I said that?

    I had planned to have people sign up for an email list, but I never created the email list….

    Should I?

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