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Note on this site’s direction


You’ve probably noticed that, among the new advice-rich content, there have been many posts regarding this site, or the book, or whatever.

Please just be aware that, due to this site’s newness, several pages have had to be created merely to take care of administrative tasks (e.g., the “Privacy Policy” and “About” pages).

I promise you: the focus of this site is NOT on talking about myself.  It’s just that it’s taking a little time to lay the foundations for the awesome resources that this site is soon going to provide.

You patience is much appreciated!  And your ideas regarding where to take this site are even more appreciated.

Please leave your comments below, or in the Forum.



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Author of The Real You Is Skinny (the cult weight-loss book) and several professional publications which have been well received but would bore you to death, Alyssa Dahl loves writing about health and weight loss. Since writing TRYIS, she certified as a Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and decided that this website needed to happen. She also occasionally says silly things on Twitter (@AlyssaMDahl) and loves to answer questions and comments---so please leave one below!
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2 Comments on Note on this site’s direction

  1. looking forward to new posts!!

  2. As am I! Question: What do you want to read about?

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