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Comparison of weight loss concepts: Easy vs Hard, Simple Vs Complex

We compare easy and simple vs hard and complex weight loss plans and pick a winner!  Please have a read (give yourself a few minutes, as it’s almost 2000 words) and leave your thoughts in the comments!


Please feel free to share questions, comments, criticisms, you name it!  This site is nothing without your engagement.

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Author of The Real You Is Skinny (the cult weight-loss book) and several professional publications which have been well received but would bore you to death, Alyssa Dahl loves writing about health and weight loss. Since writing TRYIS, she certified as a Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and decided that this website needed to happen. She also occasionally says silly things on Twitter (@AlyssaMDahl) and loves to answer questions and comments---so please leave one below!
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4 Comments on Comparison of weight loss concepts: Easy vs Hard, Simple Vs Complex

  1. This article pretty much summarized a good portion of my life. I started in high school with low fat everything. Then did Atkins. Then starving and over exercising. Then vegetarian, vegans, Paleo etc. It was a miserable cycle. The funny thing is, I never was fat. I was more skinny fat/flabby most likely due to the crazy diets I was always on! I read TRYIS and a book called In Defense of Food and something just clicked. I am eating small portions of whole foods, not eliminating any food groups, ignoring all the “studies” and am so much better. The diet roller coaster is a f’ing nightmare.

  2. This is wonderful news! I’m so happy you figured it out. *High five* ..Curious: is this something maybe you could do a little write-up about sometime? I’d love to have a spotlight post on you where you share your story and success. Please think about it! <3 - AMD

  3. Surely! I need to dredge up some of my old photos 🙂

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