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Ladies … and Gentlemen? Your Input is Requested.

Men and women running in mud TRYIS readers?

I may have just figured out something huge.

First, a little background:

  • My book has a slender woman in a bikini as its cover.
  • Readers who have contacted me have been, overwhelmingly, female.
  • My old blog had about a 7:1 ratio of pictures of feminine beauty to text posts, and about a 2500:1 ratio of female to male pictures.
  • My introspective, heart-on-sleeve writing is, I have always supposed, something most men shy away from.
  • I might be guilty of stereotyping and judging by appearances.

I’ve always thought of men’s fitness publications as ridiculous, just an endless stream of “Get Ripped and Get Laid!” attitude. Naturally, I assumed that these were most men’s goals.

Also, I don’t do weights and I’ve never given advice on how to work out with them.

Furthermore, even though I’ve imagined that my methods can inspire and work for almost anybody, I’ve never known exactly how true this is, if it is at all.

Nevertheless, I’ve been noticing that many, many men have been visiting this site.  This was always true on my old blog, but I assumed that it was because my old blog contained thousands of pictures of slender, athletic, or otherwise beautiful women.  I merely dismissed the phenomenon, thinking, “Everybody knows what you’re here for!”

If a picture says a thousand words, I've published millions. (Credit: Bodog)

If a picture says a thousand words, I’ve published millions. (Credit: Bodog)

If I’m wrong–and I suspect I am–I apologize.

Starting now, this website is an ALL-inclusive website.  No more assumptions. Male, female, young, old, overweight, underweight, rich, poor, happy, sad . . . the real you is skinny, and “The Real You Is Skinny” is here for you.

Thoughts? Please share them in the space below, or in the Forum. This site would be nothing without you.

In humility, and with love always,


PS – I’ve never published such an overtly sultry picture as the one above. It’s purely for editorial effect, and not a predictor of where this site is headed.






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