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It lives!

It also needs a moment of rest


Hey everybody!

My apologies for the silence on this website (PLEASE remember you’re all invited to share articles of your own creation!).

Sorry, too, for having my last post be up for so long as the most recent post (and the one before for being not-too-positive, either).

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that I AM going to be creating more fresh content soon.  I have a list of SO many things to write about, it’s going to be great.

Only problem is: as of last week, I’ve been suffering from an aggravation of an old RSI (repetitive strain injury) that has made it difficult to type.  I’m trying to give the poor nerves in my arm and hand a rest.  Once the pain goes away (hopefully in another week or two?), I plan on being back with much more frequency.


While I’m away, my request to you is: please tell me what you’d like to read more of, now that we’re approaching [US] Thanksgiving, Winter, etcetera.  Leave your ideas in the comment box!

Best always, and TTYS!

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3 Comments on It lives!

  1. I always struggle with winter blues/snacking. Also how about fitness in winter for us snow-covered peeps? Maybe a 30 day challenge for us? Xoxo.

  2. A winter fitness challenge sounds awesome. I’ve been successful with getting my diet in order lately, but fitness not as much!

  3. How interesting! I actually started a Winter Workout article a few weeks ago, then just said to myself, “Meh, dumb idea—I live in California, and the last time I exercised in the cold I knew nothing about fitness.” I’m glad to see your interest, and I’ll make such an article my next priority. 🙂

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