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It’s official: The Real You Is Skinny is now more than a book–it’s become a REAL, LIVE RESOURCE for people who need weight loss inspiration, weight loss advice, and somewhere they know they belong.

Of course, tens of thousands of people already had that on my old site,

That is, until the bitter naysayers managed to get that site shut down, destroying hundreds of hours of work and leaving a large vacuum in the internet.

Yet, even although I no longer have an internet presence, my book still manages to help people and the beautiful reviews it keeps getting made me think:

I MUST do something to get the word out so even more people can find their real, skinny selves!

And immediately thereafter, every time, I would shoot down that thought, thinking “But HOW? It have no idea how to build a website that isn’t a tumblr. Poor me … maybe someday….”

Wait just a second.

“Poor me?” “Maybe someday?”

Slender woman in shorts and bikini top

Embracing skinny, embracing happy

It was the attitude of “poor me, maybe someday” that left me a prisoner to my fat body all my life, until one day I discovered I could lose the weight–if I was truly willing to see it through to completion.

It was that “maybe I really CAN do this” attitude that let me lose the fat and meet The Real Me.

And it WILL be that attitude that makes this idea, this desire to create a website unlike any other, filled with positive, common-sense, healthy weight loss advice and information that is SO hard to find these days (now that Postmodernism and  the Mainstream Media have polluted the Western world’s formerly common-sense approach to the subject), a reality.

Starting now.

Why am I so excited about this?

My passion is burning bright again.  There’s no reason TRYIS can’t be an AMAZING place filled with interesting, informational, and inspiring content, such as:

  • Stories of success and interviews of people who have inspired us all
  • TONS of health, diet, and exercise information! (duh!)
  • Just as much–if not more–content on how to get your head in the right place when it all seems like it’s too much, too hard, and not happening nearly quick enough
  • Advice on how to handle the changes you’re going through and how people treat you differently (and even try to impede your success)
  • Reviews of books, gear, products, everything you can find that helps you become and remain the healthiest version of You (the Real You)
  • Guest posts from others who know what’s up and can add their voices to our place of health and healing
  • A place where readers and contributors can discuss what they/you are going through and what works for them
  • Articles and a weekly newsletter that will inform you of literally hundreds of things I (and others) have learned over the years–including some shocking, counter-cultural but entirely scientific tidbits I learned in my Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and Nutritional Weight Loss Consultant courses (which I took AFTER I wrote my book and which surprised even me when I learned that many of the things people viciously skewered over are, in fact, the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to lose weight and keep it off)
  • I’m even going to start offering multiple levels of personal consulting, from free assessments to in-depth evaluations of what things are holding people back and what changes they can make to break free

So yeah.  This is going to be rather sweet.

In fact, I meant to write only a short paragraph announcing this website, but all of this just spilled out.  That’s how it was back before I allowed the negativity to get me down–I just can’t stop being EXCITED about all the possible ways I can help people, and THRILLED to be able once again to share with you the many things I’ve learned over the years that gave me joy, health, and Life!!

I’ve got to get back to work figuring out how to do all of this.  In the meantime, remember: The Real You IS Skinny!!

Much love,


Please feel free to share questions, comments, criticisms, you name it!  This site is nothing without your engagement.

You can do so in the space below, or in the Forum.


6 Comments on This is a thing!

  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am excited about this! I love your book and can’t wait until the community is up and running!

    • Haha wait, what? This site has been up for, like, minutes! How did you know to check it out? Regardless, I am beyond flattered. I really hope I can turn this into something that will bless the wonderful people like you who are so full of loveliness and support!

      Bear in mind, of course, that this is going to take some time, especially as each step takes me forever to accomplish, due to how website-illiterate I am. But I know I’ll get better (and you make me want to!). 😀

  2. Test. Don’t read this. Ack, too late!

  3. So excited that you’ve created this site! Will stalk this site to death i assure you haha (only not really). Can’t wait to see what great stuff you put out!

  4. Hey there old friend!!! I am SUPER uplifted to see your message, thank you so much!

    I’m also sooooooo excited to get more content up for everybody! Problem is, I’m a fussy writer and it takes me a lot of time to put together everything I write.

    Regardless, I have easily half a year’s content already on my list of things to do—and NONE of it involves copying and pasting. All fresh content, even when the concepts are familiar to my readers.

    Woo Hoo!

    Looking forward to sharing the ride with you,


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