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Historically, Plumper Women Were Sexy!

(Or Were They?)

Thin is definitely NOT in!

You’ve heard it, so it must be true! In saner times, skinny was disgusting. Ew! Who wants a slender girl when a Real Woman (TM) is available? See this old advertisement for validation:

Thin is definitely NOT in!

That settles it, ladies! If you’re not Thigh-er’d you’re not Desired!


… or could it be that maybe being sickly thin is unattractive?  Hmmm… that does seem to match up with what I’ve been saying for years….

This requires more research.

My plump, feminist professor taught me that men used to love fatsos. Surely this obsession with being thin is only a recent thing! In fact, only a couple of generations ago, I was told, only the curviest women were in vogue.

Let the advertisements speak for themselves:

Screw this advice. What she truly needs is to eat a cheeseburger!

Wait. That doesn’t seem right. Let me try again.

Plump rump leads to baby bump! Or does it….

Whoops! These ol’ time ads I was told about aren’t exactly making the case that FAT was where it formerly was AT. I’ll have to dig deeper….

Curvy babe is curvy … except where she’s supposed to curve!

Hold on; I know there’s a backlash against slender girls somewhere in the archives! Ah, here it is:

Free us from the pressure to become vegetables! Uhh, that didn’t come out right….

You know what? These vintage ads are irrelevant, anyway.

Today, only the most SJW-approved companies know what’s acceptable. Let’s weigh in with that most Healthy At Every Size stalwart and purveyor of the most Starbucks-worthy ad campaigns, APPLE:

Skinny cute babe uses iPhone to fix jewelry.

How dare Apple show her unhealthy, too-skinny face and body!?! Cover that skeleton up, Eating Disorder Enablers of Apple, Inc.!
Oh, never mind, SJWs love Apple. Free pass!

Whaaale…………that didn’t quite hit the mark. Let’s try a company whose ads are targeted ONLY to us Body-Positive Women! Playtex, show us what you’ve got!

Pretty basketball player

Light and fast on her feet … because she’s light and fast.

Not that one, the other one!

You see why I chose B&W for the cover of my book. The beauty of the subject is so much more profound.


Surely somebody here can help me find the photos I need. Show me those pics where “curvy” girls are beautiful! I will gladly publish them here.

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