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Health at Every Size? (HAES) Not according to Playtex

Playtex featured exceedingly thin women in its commercials. Where's the public backlash? Actually, who cares, they're gorgeous.

Cute skater chicks Somebody didn't get the memo that big is beautiful

Is athleticism healthy?

According to the Health At Every Size / Big is Beautiful / Fat is No Worse than Fit crowd, you can weigh 3oo pounds and be just as much an athlete as any other person!

Yeah, sure … if your “sport” is Competitive Eating.

I caught a commercial not long ago for Playtex Sport, and I was shocked–SHOCKED, I TELL YOU!!!– that the commercial featured pretty, skinny girls as its athletes.

And I don’t mean professional athletes, I just mean everyday women like you and me who aspire to our own personal bests.

Pretty basketball player

Light and fast on her feet … because she’s light and fast.

My social media account was shut down for saying that such beautiful, vibrant women have inspiring physiques, yet here comes Playtex, one of the biggest companies anywhere, choosing to use such slender women as role models for people who aspire to greatness.

Babe plays basketball

You see why I chose B&W for the cover of my book. The beauty of the subject is so much more profound.

I mean, seriously, is there any girl in this commercial who you didn’t wish you looked like, at least partially?

They’re all babes.

Nothing stops you from achieving such greatness, unless you let it stop you.

It’s long past time to end thin-shaming

If you’ve read my book, you know the drill: get in shape, and most people will praise you in glowing terms. The only ones who don’t are those who hate that you’re in better shape than they are. Have mercy on them, sure, because maybe you were once there. But never let them tell you that thin, even athletic thin, is not beautiful.

FACT: The Real You Is Skinny.



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