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Does Eating More Make You Hungrier?

The world's strongest man eats 12000 calories in a day and says YES

Is this the end or just the beginning? Credit: avlxyz

Does eating more now make you eat more later?

Many times in my book, I mention the really crappy irony that happens to those of us trying to lose weight: no matter how hungry you feel now, no matter how much you wish you could just eat a great big meal to satisfy you for a whole day or two–eating a large meal usually just makes you hungrier later. Strict portion control at ALL times is paramount.

Of course, this was just my experience. But today, through the wonders of random YouTube video suggestions popping up, I found myself intrigued by the following fascinating video. In it, 6-foot 8-inches Brian Shaw, recently crowned the World’s Strongest Man, shows you the SEVEN MEALS he eats in one day, which supply in total OVER 12000 CALORIES!

Even his breakfast alone, at about 1200 calories, would be too much for me to finish, and I wouldn’t want to eat the entire rest of the day.

As I’ve said many times, this video confirms: when you eat a lot, you stretch your stomach, after which you want MORE. Unless you’re a pro athlete, the only way to stay satisfied and slender at the same time is to eat only small, nutrient-dense meals.


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