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Concealed Carry: Yea or Nay?

Guns are scary. Bad guys are scarier.

Should you carry a concealed weapon?

Ladies, it’s like this: news headlines are filled with women who go missing, only to be found later as “remains”.  You might be next.  Or, you can take steps to make sure you’re not.

This was in today’s news:


Pretty woman killed

She looks fairly self-sufficient … sadly, she wasn’t


Meet the late Nicole Mittendorff.  She was 31 when some asshole took her life while she was on a wilderness trail.  God knows what he did first.

Fantasy or Reality? It’s Your Choice

We all wish the world was populated with unicorns who poop rainbows.  We all love associating with people who, like ourselves, are decent people who would never do harm to another.

Problem is: that’s not the world we live in.

Please, consider your life, and how you might save it.  More, consider the lives of those you love, or even your innocent neighbors’.  Running away is often the best option, but too often, it’s not an option.  Sometimes, evil must be met with force.

If you’re reading this from the USA, chances are you are in the majority of states that allows you to defend yourself with force when needed.  More specifically, you can carry a gun to defend yourself.  Look into your local laws, and talk to a professional trainer who knows how to deal in [righteous] violence.  If you’re dead set against guns, please, at least consider carrying some bear spray, which will, hopefully, deter the fiercest of attackers, even the two-legged kind.

Is any of this a nice thought?  Absolutely not.  It’s nauseating to think about.

But …

Consider the alternative.  Are you really willing to leave your children, your husband, your loved ones … without you?  Simply because you thought it couldn’t happen to you?

The Real You Is … Someone we all want to see continue on in health and in happiness.

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