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American Eagle vs. The Real You Is Skinny

Coincidence? You be the judge.

The Real You Is Skinny (the book) came out 8 months before American Eagle started its latest “The Real You Is Sexy” campaign:

Serendipity? Sure, why not. But still … one has to wonder.  It’s not like there are a lot of sayings out there that start with “The real you ….”

AE didn’t respond when I asked them in March 2014 how they came up with their new slogan.

At the very least, I’m amused.

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2 Comments on American Eagle vs. The Real You Is Skinny

  1. Woah, interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised if it came from you.
    You’ve reached so many people already!

    • Awww … *blush*!

      Thank you, sweet friend!

      There’s so much more to come. There are, literally, not enough hours in the day. I can’t make this happen fast enough. Rebuilding from scratch something that took almost four years to build before…yeah, it’s a challenge.

      Thankfully, it’s a labor of love.

      PS – what would YOU like to see more of on this website?

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