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Amazing Free Book Giveaway! Learn Why the World Works the Way it Does!

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You MUST read this book–and if you have a Kindle, it’s free to download for the next three days!

No, it’s not my book (also a must-read, or so many say).

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that evil SJWs got my former glorious blog shut down, claiming that I was providing “harmful” advice to people by telling them that losing weight instead of staying overweight or obese was a healthful thing to do!

I got silenced in 2013, which historians will conclude was the absolute peak of SJW power. Since then, the pendulum has been swinging the other way, and people are getting truly sick of SJW BS (even Lacy Green has gotten “red-pilled” lately!).

This book explains why society has been shifting back–in fact, it predicted that it would!

If you want to deepen your understanding of the processes built into humans that force us as societies to separate into leftist and conservative strata–and what the future holds and how you can do your part to help fix it–you need this book.

If you want the short version (it really is just an introduction), check out this video, which is incredibly well done and features amazing real-time drawing skills:

If you want to own the entire thing for FREE, click here –>

(as always, you don’t need a Kindle device to read Kindle books; you can download free Kindle readers for any phone, tablet, or computer: just look up “Kindle app” online and you’re there).

Be blessed, friends! And use this newfound power wisely!



Update: This book is so revolutionary, it’s being censored!

I wrote a review on Amazon for the book, and after I tried posting it, I got a message that my review had to be pre-screened!  This doesn’t happen unless “they” are worried that the truth will get out. You have to read this book!  Free to download until the end of June 29th.

Here’s the review I tried to post, under the heading “Welcome to the winning side

Aaaagh!  It burns!!!  ... said the rabbits at Amazon, LOL

Aaaagh! It burns!!! … said the rabbits at Amazon, LOL

This is what I saw after I clicked “Submit”

I'm censored by SJWs AGAIN? Say it isn't so!

I’m censored by SJWs AGAIN? Say it isn’t so!

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